How to gain weight without any side effects 


Most people enjoy gaining as they have a variety of meals to have but there are some people who face challenges in eating. We all have noticed some people in our family or friend circuit who can’t eat more and we think they are health conred. But it is real that they want to eat but can’t due to their poor digestive system. We also have noticed some of those guys who eat a lot yet they have no significant gain. Usually, people make fun of them. Such people join gym to gain weight but commit many mistakes which end up with them getting no results. Here you will get the best methods to gain weight in very limited time.

  • Improve digestion: Better digestion can solve many health issues, weight management is one of them. To improve digestion, you need to include fiber in sufficient amounts in your diet. For that you can take herbal juice like aloe vera, wheat grass, amla, and others in the morning with an empty stomach. It gives other minerals along with fiber to the body. Better digestion means better mineral absorption that leads to healthy weight. 
  • Exercise in the morning: In the morning metabolism is at its peak. When you exercise in the morning, hunger arises. So, you can’t skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Don’t eat like anything. Eat only healthy, especially a clean calorie rich diet if you are gaining weight. You can take weight gainer to reach your fitness goals faster. 
  • Drink water: Stay hydrated always. It cleans your body and makes place for other nutrients. Water also helps in faster nutrient absorption and transportation of nutrients to the different parts of the body that promotes healthy weight. 
  • Do selective exercises: Never jump on excessive cardio exercises when you are gaining weight. Focus only on weight training but in weight training improve your weight lifting capacity not the frequency. Follow the gym routine which includes chest, back, legs, shoulders, exercises. Taking protein in between exercises also starts the exercise after eating something. Along with exercise, eat something healthy five times a day. Small but make it a habit to see faster results. Read more to know about the different exercises that can improve one’s weight.
  • Sleep: It is a very important time when your muscles recover and growth hormones produce. So, it is always best to have uninterrupted sleep. Drink milk with herbs like ashwagandha to improve weight management but consult the doctor first. If you have any medical condition, don’t have it. Eight hours of sleep is recommended by most of the experts. 



Gaining weight is as challenging as losing weight so don’t judge anybody just by seeing his or her appearance. There may be a lot of hard work involved in it that is unseen. Of course they are making some mistakes but they have not less hunger to change themselves than you. With these tips you can gain weight easily without any side effects. So, what are you waiting for to get ready to bulk up? 


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