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The Micro-Finance Collection Repository Portal is known as Ltfs merc or MiFlow. The seasoned financial services company L&T Finance founded it. 

More than half a million people in India benefit from the many financial services made available by this innovative platform, which also streamlines the process of collecting microloans.


With a focus on microfinance, MiFlow consolidates L&T Finance’s financial offerings. One indicator of L&T’s viability as a short-term lender is the popularity of microfinance loans among its clientele. These loans typically have terms of two to three months.


To enhance the user experience, MiFlow has designed a login process that is both fast and efficient. Customers’ and workers’ satisfaction with the platform’s login process is paramount.

Key Services Offered

Customers and employees of L&T Finance may benefit from MiFlow because of its ability to manage many financial services. Key offerings consist of:

  • Miflow SSC login
  • LTFS microfinance
  • Miflow Ltferp login
  • Miflow access management
  • Ltferp access management system
  • L&T collection app
  • SSC login L&T
  • Miflow Ltferp login

Password Reset

MiFlow simplifies the process of changing passwords for users. Reset password steps that are easy to remember:

  • To reset your password for Miflow, go to the official website.
  • To change your password, go to the registration page and look for the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” options.
  • Your email address is required. Fill up the Miflow email field.
  • Miflow will send Password Reset by Electronic Mail Password reset instructions. If you need to, check both your spam and inbox.
  • Scroll down to “Password Reset” and click on it. Locate the password reset link in your Miflow email and click on it.
  • Use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create a strong password. Be sure it is secure and stands out.
  • You must confirm your new password on certain systems.
  • Make sure you keep your new password secure. Ensure you use a secure password manager or store the new password safely after changing it.
  • Go to the login screen and enter your most recent password to access Miflow.

Customers may get individualized assistance by contacting Miflow support if issues persist.

The Goal

Compared to other loan providers, L&T Finance distinguishes itself due to the breadth of collateral it accepts. With MiFlow, you can manage your loan payments online in one convenient location. 

Effective data administration for clients and representative personnel is ensured by the platform’s exact construction, which allows it to manage a range of financial elements seamlessly. 

L&T Finance demonstrates its commitment to innovation with MiFlow, which provides microfinance clients with a straightforward and efficient solution.

Role in Microfinance

Microfinance has grown in prominence as a means of addressing immediate financial needs. One part of MiFlow that deals with microfinance is the Micro Finance Collection Repository Portal. From the granting of loans to the monitoring of repayments, the platform provides transparency and accountability.


The innovation and customer happiness of L&T Finance are embodied in MiFlow. In the dynamic microfinance field, MiFlow helps customers and staff stays efficient. 

This is true regardless of changes in the financial climate. An era of modern microfinance administration has begun with MiFlow, thanks to its intuitive design, robust security features, and constant improvement. It is the benchmark for excellence in financial services.

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