5 Types of Communication, and When to Use Them

Poor communications cost big companies (with 100,000+ employees) $62.4 million annually in lost productivity.

To avoid these losses, your company should look for ways to enhance effective communication. That’s why you should strive to know more about various types of communication. You want to use communication as a tool that takes your business to the next level.

To help you out, here are five types of communication and when to use them.

  1. Internal Communication

When doing work, your employees will communicate with each other and share information. Besides, they get instructions from the managers and supervisions on what’s expected from them. Finally, the employees will share feedback that highlights how they feel about various things.

So, to enhance the business operations, you need to invest in timely internal communication. That’s why you need to look for resources that encourage habit building in timely communication. You want your employees to have the right workplace skills that foster effective communication.

Also, look for the best platforms to utilize for internal business communications. These are easy-to-use tools that ensure the timely sharing of information.

  1. External Communication

Your company will need to interact with other outside entities such as customers and other businesses. So, to streamline these interactions, you need to invest in the best external communication tools. You want to keep these parties updated with relevant business details.

  1. Promotional Communication

Your company’s essence of existence is to make profits; you need to get the word out about the products/service you offer. That’s why you should strive to know the best promotional communication channels to use. The idea is to use platforms that help boost brand awareness and generate leads.

Besides, the promotional communication aims to direct people on how they can access your products or services. So when developing a communication strategy for your business, ensure you devise the best ways to promote your company.

  1. Public Relations and Communication

Public relations is the other type of business communication that targets to create a positive image. So, your business should look for ways to control the news outsiders get. Also, you need to know the formal channels to use to dispute any negative business rumors.

  1. Digital Communication

Digital communication has transformed how businesses share information both internally and externally. Your business should look for the best digital communication channels to use to gain an edge. On top of having a website that you use to share information, also utilize various social media platforms.

Also, look for digital platforms that enhance peer communication in your organization. The idea is to make it easy for employees to initiate discussions and share information with others.

Boost Business Productivity by Understanding Different Types of Communication

The productivity of your business will depend on how you utilize the above types of communication. So, look for ways to enhance internal communication to streamline operations. Also, use external communication as a tool to building a positive brand image and generating sales.

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