Types of Laser Hair Removal Treatments and How They Work

Laser hair removal is a trending long-term solution for hair removal that many people are now following! Interestingly, technology has advanced a lot over the years. Currently, this service has become more affordable for the common citizen, and a variety of solutions have been devised.

However, you can’t simply get started with any of these laser hair removal techniques. The type of laser treatment you receive will be determined by your unique profile, which includes your skin tone and hair texture.

In case you’ve been wondering about opting for one, we suggest you read this blog. Listed below are some of the prime Laser hair removal techniques mentioned by the experts. Let’s check it out!

  • Ruby laser hair removal

It is the oldest laser hair treatment that ever existed. Hence, there is enough research to prove its effectiveness and its risks. Although it is proven from time and again that this doesn’t work well with darker skin tones, a person has to take many sittings and even after that, expected results are not expected. However, it works better with lighter skin color. 

  • Alexandrite laser hair removal

Experts at prime laser hair removal suggest this is the most popular and less painful laser hair removal method. Majorly this is accepted worldwide, although it works better with lighter skin tones. It has also shown results in darker skin tone. The wavelength and the pressure are comparatively less than other methods; hence this takes more sittings. 

  • Diode laser hair removal

This has a longer wavelength than Alexandrite laser, and hence it is also widely accepted by people as the number of sittings is drastically reduced. This works better with dark hair and medium-dark skin tone, and hence it is different from all other hair removal methods as they work better in lighter skin tones. This is the most versatile method, and with a bit of advancement in technology, it can be transformed into a painless method.

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

It is not really a laser treatment, a ray of light is transmitted, and it can be tailored as per an individual’s skin tone, patience, and hair type. It also destroyed the hair follicles, similar to what is done in laser treatment. So you can choose exactly the precise area where you need more catering, and you can also depend on the number of sessions you want, they will decide the wavelength as per it. 

  • ND and LP Nd: YAG

It is made for darker skin tone and thick, coarse hair. It is a heavy-duty ladder; the wavelength is more than any other laser. This may be a little more uncomfortable than other laser types, but it is accepted worldwide because it can be performed and accepted by most dark-skinned people. In addition, these lasers are known to be permanent solutions. 


The hair growth is minimal and comes after a very long time, so you don’t have to burden yourself at the last minute before going out. Two significant things influence the success of laser hair removal i.e., Hair color and skin color. Therefore, Prime Laser hair removal is best suited for you. 

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