4 Reasons Why Experts Recommend Adding Roof Ventilation

Australia is known far and wide for its diverse climate. Unfortunately, while it might be an exquisite beach destination in the summer, the hot weather can make staying indoors quite unbearable.

In addition to creating a humid living space, the hot weather also creates stagnant air that builds up in the underside of the roof. It’s for this reason that roof ventilation has become a top priority for many homeowners.

Enjoy the Benefits of Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is one of the top recommendations for homeowners eager to remodel or improve their living spaces. There are several reasons for this, and our experts are sharing the most significant.

1.      Avoid Condensation, Roof Rot and Mould

The average person doesn’t give much thought to the amount of moisture that builds up in their homes. In reality, this requires expert management.

The main contributors to excess moisture in your home are:

  • Steam from cooking
  • Showers and bathing
  • Laundry processes
  • Closed windows (prevents damp air from escaping)

These activities all generate warm, damp air that gravitates toward your ceiling and settles in the attic or roof space. This in turn creates condensation when the air is trapped with nowhere to go. As a result, the roof space becomes prone to the biological growth of mould and mildew. Installing a proper ventilation system will ensure that the attic space and roof insulation stay dry and there will be no mould to worry about.

2.      Prevents Roof Damage

Aside from condensation creating mould, there’s also the risk of rot in the timber frames and rafters. Furthermore, heat that builds up in the top of the roof can damage the underlayment, insulation and other timber parts in the roof. This type of damage can severely impact the integrity of your roof and its various components. Continuous moisture can also lead to rust on any metal components.

Adequate roof ventilation ensures that the air has somewhere to escape to and in turn, the roof and its components stay dry. Ultimately this will increase your roof’s lifespan. Since roofing repairs can be quite costly, it’s an advantage if you can avoid those expenses.

3.      Increases Energy Efficiency

Many Australian homeowners spend a small fortune keeping their homes cool during the summer months. In some areas where the temperatures are quite high, it may even be necessary to have the AC running all day.

Without proper ventilation, the heat becomes trapped in the home, causing your air conditioning to work even harder. A roof ventilation system cools the home down by extracting the hot air. This means you won’t have to keep the HVAC running as much as usual.

Reducing your cooling costs will ultimately make your home more energy efficient. With a skylight installation you can make your home even more eco-friendly, since you’ll use less artificial lighting AND skylights can help manage interior temperatures.

4.      Keeps Your Home Cooler

Without an AC or roof ventilation system, your home doesn’t really cool down in the evening, even after the sun sets. There’s always a cloud of hot air hanging in the interior of your home. Since a roof ventilation system easily extracts the hot air, you can be assured that your home will be cooler in the evenings. It also means your home can remain cool even when you’re not home to open the windows.

Roof Ventilation Features

Cooling your roof cavity has never been easier. The most popular roof ventilation system is actually a solar-based system which means it won’t be costly to operate. The most prominent features of a quality roof ventilation system include the following:

  • Can be customised: The roof vent system is customised to your roof setup, which means that no matter what shape or style your roof is, you can install a roof vent without having to remodel your roof.
  • Leak-proof flashing: Since the roof ventilation system is a seamless, one-piece flashing, it easily guarantees durable installation that’s also leak-proof. You won’t have to do additional waterproofing or deal with unnecessary leaks in the rainy season.
  • Easy installation: A quality roof vent system is easy to install, and your contractor won’t have to struggle with wiring or assembly issues. Furthermore, there’s a 5-year warranty on the whole system.
  • Accommodates excellent airflow: Many quality roof vent systems are considerably larger than their cheaper counterparts. A larger component allows for a greater rate of airflow, meaning that your home will be cooler faster and there’s even less chance of moisture buildup.
  • Quiet operation: Another feature you can expect from a top-notch roof vent system is that it has whisper-quiet operation. There’s no whirring motor or buzzing fan to be annoyed with.

Final Thought

A roof ventilation system is the ultimate way to keep your home cool without inflating your energy bill. Additionally, you won’t have the burden of wondering what damage the hot air is doing to your rafters and other roof components. Cool down your home, reduce the chance of mould and give yourself peace of mind that your home is still energy efficient!


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