A must-have accessory in every wardrobe – hats for all

Findingstylish hats which are durable with a perfect fit is one big challenge. When you check in the local hat store, you may find that your head shape is larger than the standard head size. Order for hats that fits your crown and not just sit on them. Ditch the idea of covering the scalp with a bandana or leaving it open during the scorching sun. Go stylish by wearing perfect-fitting headcovers.

You may need hats that enhance the outfit or just a casual polo cap for summer days. But buying hats for large heads is simpler now. Let us understand what it is a large head and then start hat hunting. 

What is a large head?

Every face shape is different, and similarly, head shape and size are also unique. But sadly, the major hat makers have standard sizes for every accessory. The traditional hat makers consider 52cm to 58cm circumference as fast selling. As a result, any head circumference which is larger than 58cm is a big head. On measuring the head size, always ensure that the hat size matches the inner dimension. It means the outer brim and floppy part of the hat will not give the right inner size. You must avoid this part of the head accessory to ascertain the precise measurement.

Measure it yourself! 

You do not need to go to any store to get an accurate measurement. One measuring tape or tailor tape would do this task. Firstly, decide the unit of measure, whether it is centimeters or inches. Encircle the tape closely around your head and make a note of it. 

Remember that you must measure the widest part of the head to get the exact dimension. If the circumference is between 50-58 centimeters, then your head is under standard size. However, any dimension more than 58 cm would become a large head. 

Let the heads turn with your luxury menswear!

Menswear is beyond clothing – hats and caps are a major accessory that completes the entire look. Your need for a hat may not be just for protection from weather but for creating a fashion statement. Like belts, buttons, cufflinks, and ties hold a special place in the male closet; similarly, hats and caps have a specific position.

Luxury men’s accessories are exceedingly popular in the past few decades. Like, polo hats are very stylish and match all types of outfits. You can try any polo hat that comes with an extendable band at the back for a comfy fit. There are plenty of online options available.

Panama hats and summer natural grass hats are trendy during the beach holiday season. You get to order from size M to XXL to cover the head and get a chic look this summer. Leather and suede hats are not just gaining fame on the fashion ramp but have become a necessary male accessory.

Here are some of the fashionable male caps

  • Fedora hats
  • Trilby hat
  • Panama hats
  • Bowel hats
  • Snapback caps
  • Dad hat
  • Newsboy
  • Flat cap
  • Beanie
  • Bucket hats
  • Baseball caps
  • Trapper hat or Sherpa style
  • Boater style hats
  • Pork pie cap
  • Top hat

More than fashion accessory  

Cover your bald patch by wearing stylish hats. Most of the men are experiencing early alopecia. It becomes embarrassing to have a hairless head, and what could be better than covering it with fashionable hats. Do not let your large head expose to harsh weather.

Any outing would include jackets, gloves, and winter hats. Winter caps not only protect your scalp from dropping temperatures but also the ears from windy evenings. Sherpa hats and beanie headcovers are some autumns essential and, therefore, beyond an accessory. Winter headcovers are imperative for people residing in colder nations.

If you have any skin condition or burn marks that need covering – cotton-based hats are the best options. You can always try simple poplin hats that cover the skull’s circumference and give extra room for hair.

For women and kids with large heads

Ladies with larger crown sizes struggle to find the exact fit headgears. It is always tricky to shop in-store or online if you are unsure about the crown size. Women’s head accessory comes in a variety of materials and fabrics. You have a wide range of choices – Straw hats, Pure cotton, paper-polyester, natural bamboo, leather, and vegan suede.

For kids, you may prefer hats that not only cover the crown but are also durable. Ask for simple cotton bucket hats. Some children have a round face with a large skull shape. The best option is to get for simple bucket cap. The bucket hat will cover the head completely, and you have the choice of various designs also.

Always take the hats with extendable straps and elastic snap back to get an excellent snuggle fit. You have a big option to select from extensive collection – Medium, Large, and up to XXXL size areavailable with all major hat sellers.

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