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As the wedding season approaches, online fashion markets and trends gear up to show us the next best thing. Whether it is a traditional event or not, you can always wear an ethnic outfit confidently. When in doubt, wear a saree!


Indian sarees have an incredible variety available; in every market throughout the country, one can find unique pieces. It isn’t just a decorated piece of cloth that will bring out the beauty in you; how you drape it and what kind suits you the best matters the most. Hence, it is extremely important to be updated with the latest collections of Indian sarees online. Traditional or fusion, this industry never goes out of style.

Indian sarees: Nine yards of pure grace


A saree is culturally rooted in India and has adapted various forms over the years, evolving into beautiful pieces of art throughout. Centuries ago, it used to be a simple garment, initially made out of cotton. It then adapted to the attire of a rich woman as trade and commerce developed, allowing foreigners to have the joy of enhancing the garment. This was when various styles of saree were initially created, sometimes heavily embroidered and often decorated with unparalleled threadwork.


The popularisation of an Indian saree started with regional handloom styles because the cottage industry was always spread out vastly in every part of India. Banarasi, Chanderi, Ghicha, Bagalpuri, Kanchipuram, Mysore, Maheshwari, and other forms followed soon after. These fine works of brocade silk continue to heavily occupy the ethnic markets.


When a saree is worn, women carry traditions, customs, and styles that have changed and intertwined over time. These 9 yards of pure elegance and wonder continue to take different forms yet occupy a constant place in our life. In this blog, we discuss such beautiful Indian saree collections that have been trending in the present times, enhancing the beauty of a woman even more. 

Trending saree collections to adore


Some sarees never go out of style, but every season there is one particular kind that will be trending according to the recent fashion demands. However, among all the other fabric varieties, silk has always been a favorite among all the other fabric varieties.

Silk sarees


You would be surprised to know that more than 25 different kinds of rich traditional silk sarees are available in India, all made using a different method. Beginning from the lightweight Assam silk sarees like mooga and paat silk to the heavy Banarasi saree with jal and mina work, the options are all unique to themselves. Among these, there are few popular selected trending classics;

  • Chanderi silk


Categorized as one of the best silk sarees in India, this original work of art that comes from Madhya Pradesh was first popularized in the Mughal era. Well-defined silk embroidery in combination with golden and silver brocade or zari gives it a divine look. 

  • Kanchipuram silk


Also known as Kanjivaram silk, we all know this for its heavy South Indian origin. The mulberry silk of Kanchipuram and contrasting borders with zari works from Gujarat are why these are meant to be worn as traditional Indian saree wedding dresses. The best thing about these festive outfits is that the price range is pretty flexible. You can find one for Rs 5,000 and another for Rs 5,00,000 too!

  • Mysore silk


It is impossible to go to Mysuru and not bring home a pure Mysore silk saree. The manufacturers do a pretty good job at storing the ambiance and customs, reflecting an entire era on just 9 yards of cloth. If you need something classic yet fancy, this Indian saree design will get the job done. Style it with some flowers in your hair or a heavy golden necklace to complete the look.

Organza sarees


There is nothing better than an organza saree for casual occasions and daytime parties or events. These lightweight fabrics enhanced with sheer styles and floral designs can also allow you to have a western attire besides the traditional royal sheen. You can mostly find them in bright colors to enhance the shimmering patterns all over it. 

Ombre sarees


Whether in a casual autumn outfit, a loosely fitted summer dress, or even a rich royal saree, an ombre design never fails to please. Two-toned designs over crepe, silk, or georgette are gaining ground in the fashion world. Lace it, embroider it, or just wear it with a plain ombre tone; we love to style it! Because the current generation likes to personalize everything, an ombre is the best option that offers a versatile collection.

Fancy party-wears


There is nothing that feels as comfortable and home-like as a saree; why not pick one for the party you’re attending tonight? Here, no one is judging you for picking out a black beauty. In fact, this is the only place where wearing a black variation will make you look better and more fitted in. Go crazy with vibrant hot colors or invest in velvets for that luxurious drape; there are no rules. 


Sequins, shimmering net embroideries, satin, velvets, and even pastel georgettes are popular as party wear in the current times. A modern approach to the Indian ethnicity, party wear sarees in Indian weddings are no longer a foreign idea; everyone seems to embrace it! If you haven’t tried it out, get one today and match the party theme.

Shop for the latest saree collections online


Saree shopping is not easy, especially if you are looking for an Indian wedding saree online. Zari Banaras, Karigiri, Swrantra, SUTA, and Myntra offer you some amazing deals with a wide collection. If you’re looking for something more specific, get yourself a special designer from among the best- Ritu Kumar, JJ Valya, Rohit Bal, Satya Pual, and our personal favorite Sabyasachi. 


Some amazing collections are taking the fashion world by storm, and you should be ready to add the traditional bling to your life by choosing from among these trends. Try them out in the traditional way, or have a fresh perspective by draping it your unique way. After all, if clothes can speak for you, these 9 yards will sure have a lot to say.

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