5 Best Tag Heuer Watches Under $5,000

It’s been said many times before. Although luxury watches are often purchased for style, functionality, and status symbol, they also make for a valuable investment. But, let’s be honest. Such an investment comes at a seriously high price tag that can soar up to thousands of dollars. One of the best luxury watch brands nowadays is TAG Heuer, but did you know you can actually get some models from the brand which won’t completely burn a hole in your pocket?

So, if you’re looking to test the waters at investing in luxury watches, there are some affordable men’s options out there from none other than with the TAG Heuer brand. 

TAG Heuer: History & What Makes It A Valuable Watch 

TAG Heuer traces its roots to 1860 and is known for its history in automobile racing and contribution to the evolution of the chronograph and the watchmaking industry, overall. It was in 1882 when founder Edouard Heuer patented his first chronograph. This complication catapulted the brand to fame, something that it has excelled in so well that there came a time when it was producing them for other Swiss luxury watch brands—Rolex, included.

The brand didn’t stop there and by 1887, TAG Heuer patented an oscillating pinion, a mechanism still used by some renowned brands that design mechanical chronographs to this day. Years went by and the company produced chronographs for cars, boats, even planes. 

It goes to say that TAG Heuer has become deeply ingrained in the history of watchmaking, owing to its contribution to the industry. Despite LVMH’s acquisition of the brand in 1999, the brand continues to be a profitable one. Over the years, it has established an association with sports and timing with several high-profile sponsorships including the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s not surprising that it continues to attract fans well into the 21st century and its watches have now become synonymous with words like quality, precision, sturdy, and sporty aesthetic. 

However, what you will truly appreciate with this brand is that it’s somehow more affordably priced in comparison to other watches in its range. This makes it a practical choice for a first-time luxury watch purchase, particularly with younger consumers. Continue reading as we list 5 of the best TAG Heuer watches under $5,000. 

  1. Formula 1 X Senna Calibre 16 Automatic Grey Dial Ref. CAZ201B.FC6487

TAG Heuer offers a few lines with watches that are just expensive enough to be considered a luxury watch. These include some references from its Formula 1 family. At a little more than $3,000, this Formula 1 X Senna Calibre 16 has a gray dial in a 44mm stainless steel and ceramic combination case and a calfskin leather bracelet. It is powered by the in-house Calibre 16 automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve. 

  1. Carrera Chronograph Automatic White Dial Ref. CBN2013.FC6483

Looking for a sports watch that doesn’t look like it? Featuring a white dial contrasted with rose gold-tone hands, 42mm stainless steel case, and a black alligator leather bracelet, this Carrera Chronograph watch looks more like a dress watch than a sports watch. This gives you a versatile yet functional accessory that packs in features like 80 hours of power reserve and 100m water resistance. 

  1. Aquaracer Calibre 16 Automatic Black Dial Ref. CAK2111.BA0833

Many TAG Heuer watches cost more than $5,000. This Aquaracer model looks like one of them without actually being so. For approximately $3,000, you can get this rugged sports watch that boasts a black dial in a 43mm stainless steel case and is presented in a stainless steel bracelet. It has 42 hours of power and a 500m water resistance. 

  1. Carrera Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic Grey Dial Ref. CBN2012.FC6483

While this Carrera watch isn’t cheap, it still costs about $4,500, which is well under the $5,000 mark. But, here’s what else to love about this model: its grey dial with silver-tone hands, 42mm stainless steel case, and sapphire display caseback that lets you sneak a peek at the workhorse inside the watch. Like all Carrera watches, it is tested to 100m water resistance. 

  1. Autavia Calibre 5 COSC Special Edition Automatic Red Dial BE5192.FC8300

Red makes a powerful statement that symbolizes boldness and elegance—and it speaks true with this red dial Autavia model. It is accented with rose gold-tone Arabic numerals in a 42mm bronze case and presented in a leather band. It runs on the Calibre 5 COSC automatic movement and boasts a 100m water resistance. 


For just under $5,000, you can get a TAG Heuer watch that boasts precise movements, stylish yet classic designs, and high-quality materials. Even while it’s the case, these watches still quite cost some money. Therefore, you should find a watch that only tells the time really well, but showcases your style and personality as well. 

In case you didn’t find the perfect TAG Heuer watch for you, you can always find more at Watchshopping.com. The site is an authorized retailer of luxury watches online. It regularly offers discounts, allowing you to score luxury timepieces at more affordable prices.

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