Give Your Old Sofa a New Look: Tips to Buy New Sofa Covers

It’s great if you are considering buyingsofa covers. You understand the threat your sofa is in, without sofa covers. For example- your kids can give your sofa a good bath with their favorite smoothie, or your dog may not like the importance you give to your couch and wants revenge.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a sofa cover to make your sofa look better. According to Rentomojo, it can also hide unsightly stains. However, let us warn you a sofa cover cannot do more than that. If you have a sofa that is damaged, new sofa covers won’t help.

However, if your sofa is new or at least healthy enough, then having a new sofa cover is not a bad idea. However, it would be best to consider a few things before buying a sofa cover to serve the purpose. Therefore, let us help you with some of the useful tips for choosing the right sofa cover.

Size and Shape of Your Cover

Well, you might be like, “Hey man, why the hell should I check the size and shape first? However, the size and shape of the cover have the utmost importance.

 What’s the point of buying the best sofa cover if it does not fit your sofa?

 Therefore, keep the size and shape of your sofa handy before checking out any sofa cover.

Design: Look within First

Don’t start looking for your sofa covers before observing the design of your sofa and room thoroughly. What is it? Formal, casual, relaxed, or something else?

It happens with many people. First, they buy an excellent sofa cover with a great design. However, later they figure out that it does not match with their room or sofa. And then, the innocent sofa cover permanently goes to the cupboard rather than covering up the couch. However, as you have taken the time to read this article, you will not make this mistake for sure.

Budget: Evaluate Your Finances

Figure out your budget before you opt to purchase a cover. Of course, there is no problem if you have a low budget. However, evaluating your budget is essential before buying anything. Therefore, make a budget for buying a perfect sofa cover for yourself and then choose from the readily available options.

Detailing: Small Things Make Big Differences

Here are some of the small things that will help you buy a good cover for your costly sofa.

● Don’t choose covers with hefty fabric. 

● Buy tightly woven covers. It helps to hide stitching lines and underneath portions of your sofa.

● If you want your sofa to be visually interesting and resist wrinkling, prefer good textured covers.


We have told you most of the things you need to know for buying a perfect sofa cover. So, don’t get overwhelmed. When you find yourself confused, close your eyes and relax. Listen to your heart and just buy that sofa cover.

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