Your Guide Creating Happy Spaces With Home Aromatherapy

Creating the perfect mood at home goes beyond picking out the right furniture and paint colors. The way your home smells impacts how you feel and the impression it gives guests that come to visit.

You can add a big and easy wow factor into your space with home aromatherapy. If you want to learn more about how to be the home everyone remembers, then you’ll want to keep reading!

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of scents and smells proven benefits of influencing and changing our moods. There’s a reason why a smell from our childhood can make us feel warm and cozy. That’s all because our sense of smell plays a direct impact on how our brain and body will react based on what we’re smelling.

Home aromatherapy is a way of using certain smells to help you relax, energize, focus, and even make you feel happy in your space.

Methods of Home Aromatherapy

There are many options for using home aromatherapy, from candles to aerosol sprays to plug-ins and water-based diffusers. Some companies like Air Stream Single (HVAC) can use your HVAC system to pump aromatherapy scents throughout your home.

Your choice of method will largely depend on if you want it to be kept to a certain room or space or throughout your entire home. Some people will keep a relaxing scent in their bedroom, but a clean and energizing scent in their entrance and kitchens.

Shopping For Aromatherapy Oils

When you are shopping for home aromatherapy, make sure you are looking at high-grade as well as fragrance and chemical-free options like essential oils. A lot of home scent options on the market contain chemical fragrances and alcohols, which won’t give you the same benefit as high-grade essential oils.

There are many options on the market now for natural home scent options to keep your chemical exposures to a minimum.

Best Scents to Use

The scent that you choose for home aromatherapy options depends on the result you want to have.

If you’re looking for a way to perk up, then mood-boosting aromas like citrus, peppermint, and pine should be on your list. Whereas studies have shown that scents like lavender, vetiver, and cedar are great at reducing stress, calming the mind, and helps reduce anxiety. Don’t be shy to pick up blends or try your hand at making your own for a customized signature scent.

Do your research on what mood you want to create in your home, and go with your nose by picking smells you are most drawn to. Chances are they’re exactly what your body needs!

Lift Your Mood With Home Aromatherapy

The best and more cost-effective way to create a great ambiance in your space is with home aromatherapy. From relaxing to smiling, the scents you incorporate in your home can pack a big punch on how you feel. Plus, don’t forget the envy of every person who comes in and compliments your amazing smelling home!

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