Why your DIY workshop should include a hydraulic press

Most workshops are filled with a variety of tools, machines, and unknown pieces of equipment. Whether you are an avid DIYer or professional builder, you probably have a vast collection of items in your workshop. Some power tools are reserved for one-off tasks, and others are used on a daily basis. They can clutter your workshop and leave little room for you to actually work.


Fortunately, there are power tools that can do several jobs and streamline your collection. A hydraulic press happens to be one of them. It can form metal, composites, plastics with hydraulics. It’s versatile, accurate, and flexible. 


You need to add the hydraulic press to your collection – and here’s why. 


Full tonnage 


The hydraulic press can generate full pressing force anywhere in the stroke, not just at the bottom of the stroke. You can control multiple job parameters, like pressure, return position, and travel distance. The flexibility of the hydraulic press is one of its number one advantages. 




Hydraulic force is perfect for creative engineering. You can program the hydraulic press to meet your specific requirements and produce outstanding results. If you are struggling to bring your complex design to life, give the hydraulic press a go.


Multiple uses


A hydraulic press can be used with numerous materials. It can create car parts, appliances, and compact paper into waste. This machine is designed for side-acting, down-acting, up-acting, and multi-action uses. You can maneuver the power system above, below, or adjacent to the press. 




Bulky tools can be difficult to carry around the worksite and to store in your workshop. The hydraulic press takes up nearly half the floor space of a traditional mechanical press. You can tuck the press into your storage cupboard without needing to maneuver all the other tools are around. The hydraulic system generates high pressure over a small area and, as a result, optimizes space and efficiency.  




Worksites can get very loud. Construction workers often wear earplugs to counteract the loud noise of machinery that can result in permanent ear damage. The hydraulic press is much quieter than other machines. 


Won’t overload


You can control exactly how much pressure the hydraulic press exerts. It will only produce the amount of pressure you want it to. The precision and power of this device will, hopefully, reduce the number of mistakes you make.


More affordable 


Hydraulic presses don’t cost much to run in the long term. They are much cheaper than other pieces of equipment and can help to reduce your energy bills. 


A hydraulic press can replace some of your one-off use tools and streamline your power tool collection. Just make sure to store it safely and learn how to use it efficiently.

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