Modern Usage of Tobacco You Ought To Know

The use of tobacco can be traced down an ancient memory lane. Archaeological studies show that tobacco was already used in America around 12,300 years ago. Since time immemorial, there has been an evolution of new trends on various creative ways and devices of consuming tobacco.

Ways of consuming tobacco


Also known as smokeless tobacco. It is chewed or snuffed. It is used by placing it in between the gums and inner cheek. It is consumed by chewing. Nicotine is taken in through the mouth tissues, and sometimes it is swallowed. The chewing tobacco has a larger grain which is shredded and packed in small cans or paper packets. The snuff tobacco has a finer grain. It is contained in packets.

Combustible cigarette

This is the normal cigarette. It has tobacco, chemical additives and is finally rolled neatly in a paper wrap with a filter on one side. Using this makes you susceptible to over 4,000 to 7,000 chemicals. Studies have shown that cigarette smoking causes stroke, heart disease, and cancers such as; lung, bladder, larynx, pharynx, oral cavity, stomach, cervix, and esophagus.


Includes a stem, bowl or chamber, and mouthpiece. It is the bowl that holds the lit tobacco. The smoke is inhaled by passing through the stem and mouthpiece. It is a cause of tooth loss, gum disease, and other forms of cancer.

Vaping products

These are battery-powered devices that take nicotine in vapor to the lungs. They are commonly known as an electronic cigarette (บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า), dab rings, e-cigs, pods, mods, vape pens, pod mods, vapes, and tanks. They are generally electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Using these devices is commonly known as juuling or vaping. Most of the devices have a liquid holding and a heating section. They release aerosol after heating a liquid that has nicotine. Chemicals and other flavors create the aerosol. The aerosol is taken into the lungs.

Hookah pipe

Used to smoke shisha, a mixture of vegetables or fruit normally heated, producing smoke filtered through water. Users tend to share the mouth section of the device, which is not recommended to avoid the risk of mouth infections. The charcoal produces heavy metals, carbon monoxide, and other chemicals that heat the tobacco.

Dissolvable Tobacco

Like its name, it has been made to dissolve in your mouth or tongue. Examples include tablets, orbs, and sticks. They closely resemble candy or a simple breath mint. They are smoke-free.

Signs of tobacco addiction

Continued nicotine use changes the brain, which manifests as an addiction to its usage. Trying to quit results in withdrawal symptoms like; insomnia, increased appetite, difficulty in concentration, strong cravings for tobacco, and irritability.

Is there treatment for nicotine addiction?

Medication, as well as behavioral treatments, help smokers to quit. It is advisable to combine the medication and counseling.

Regulation by-laws

You can only purchase electronic cigarette (บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า) if you are above the legal standard age adulthood as enshrined in the relevant laws of every country

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