Things to Consider When Looking for a Coworking space.

Coworking spaces in Malaysia are common now as more and more people work from home or their tiny studios. Coworking spaces provide a comfortable, affordable, and creative workspace.

Things to consider when looking for coworking spaces in Malaysia:

1) The price for a day or a month- how much you pay per hour, day, or month and how many hours they provide.

2) The type of the coworking space: dedicated desk, private office, or hot-desking ( first come, first serve workstation 

3) Internet speed and strength.

4)The company culture: do they have a receptionist to welcome you when you sign in? Do they have a pantry to store food or drink, are there water dispensers available with an endless supply of drinking water? Are there newspapers or magazines that you can read while you are taking a break from work?

5) Friendly staff: do the team know what kind of business you’re running, have they been of help, are they friendly and helpful?

6) Location: is the location easily accessible to you.

7) Storage room- do they have a storage room to keep your belongings, or will you be charged additionally if you want to get one.

8) Are their washrooms clean? Can any of your colleagues share it if there is a shortage?

9) Membership fees- how much do they charge for membership, and what kind of discounts do they offer if they pay annually or monthly.

10) Size of the coworking space- big enough to accommodate your workforce, small enough to feel homely.

11) How often do they clean the place?

12) Groups- are you allowed to organize events, talks, or seminars? Do they have meeting room facilities?

13) Do they provide water coolers, coffee machines, and vending machines on-site?

14) Food: can you bring food into the coworking space, or will there be a catering service if you host an event.

15) Do they offer dedicated desks, hotdesking, or private offices?

16 )Friends and family visiting policy- do friends or family members have access to your workstation, or can they only access the pantry or washrooms?

17) Are their desks ergonomic, comfortable, and adjustable to suit your needs?

18) Planning a party- do they have soundproof meeting rooms available if you want to throw a surprise party for someone in your group, or do they allow food in the coworking space?

19) Event booking policy- how long in advance do you have to book for the event, are there any additional fees should your group size exceed the stated number of attendees.

20) Packages- what kind of plans or packages do they offer, and for how long does it last.

Those are some of the things to consider when looking for coworking spaces in Malaysia. This article will help you search for a perfect coworking space if you’re working from home or in a tiny studio and looking for a quiet, comfortable, affordable, and creative workspace to call your own.

Bottom line

Coworking spaces in Malaysia are an excellent alternative to those who can’t afford a private office or do not have the space for one. It gives you access to a comfortable and affordable workspace where you can host friends and family, organize events and even throw surprise parties with no extra charge.

Coworking spaces also provide you with an excellent networking base. You get to know people with similar interests and maybe collaborate on some projects or share contacts in your industry.

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