Christmas Ideas for Kids in Australia in 2023

Christmas is magical for youngsters and Australia’s summer holidays make the festive season more special. Let’s examine some creative methods to make this holiday season truly memorable for kids as we anticipate Christmas in 2023. Kids can be engaged for hours with various activities that capture the festive spirit of Christmas, from outdoor exploration to artistic crafts. 

Here are some suggestions to liven up your festivities:

Beachside Christmas Picnic:

Given the stunning beaches in Australia, what better way to celebrate Christmas than with a seaside picnic? Create sandcastles, assemble a delectable display of festive foods, and take advantage of the nice weather. Bring along beach games to keep the kids occupied, such as frisbee or cricket. Don’t forget to add Santa, who can arrive in a beach buggy or on a surfboard and bring joy to everyone.

Also, as the kids enjoy their Christmas activities, surprise them with egg hatch toys for added excitement and anticipation.

DIY Decorations and Crafts:

Join your children in making crafts and decorations for the holidays as a creative family activity. Assemble a craft station equipped with ribbons, glue, glitter, and colored paper. Children should be encouraged to make their cards, wreaths, and ornaments. This project gives your Christmas décor a personalized touch while improving their artistic abilities.

Festive Movie Marathon:

Curl up for a warm Christmas movie marathon with your kids. Make a list of Christmas movies the whole family will enjoy, then set aside a day or evening to watch them. Arrange a homemade popcorn bar with various toppings and tastes to make it even more memorable. This is a great way to strengthen relationships and make treasured memories.

Christmas Lights Tour:

Take your kids on a mystical tour of the surrounding places or your neighborhood’s Christmas lights. During the holidays, many municipalities go out with glorious light displays. Put on some Christmas music, load up the car, and take a drive about to take in the eye-catching decorations. Your kids will be thrilled and excited by this magical encounter.

Santa’s Workshop:

Make a room in your home into Santa’s Workshop so children can engage in various activities. Create stations where people may decorate cookies, write letters to Santa, and even make simple homemade gifts. Give children the supplies and direction to make their own gifts for loved ones. This fosters their creativity and teaches them the value of generosity.

Outdoor Adventures:

Australia’s summer provides tons of Christmas outdoor activities. Get the family on a bike, hike, or a day trip to a national park. Plan a scavenger hunt in your garden or at a nearby park, hiding little gifts with Christmas themes for the kids to discover. Children who are active and fully engaged in the holiday spirit can benefit from exploring the great outdoors.


In Australia, children particularly cherish the opportunity to make enduring memories and revel in the spirit of Christmas. You can do anything from DIY crafts and outdoor activities to lunches by the beach to make this Christmas in 2023 quite magical. Enjoy the season’s warmth and allow your creativity to run wild as you prepare special experiences for your kids. Never forget that the most crucial thing is to embrace the joy and love that Christmas offers and to spend quality time with one another.

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