Tips to Learn How to Ride a Penny Board Easily

A penny board is a skateboard that is small and light. Almost all penny boards are made up of plastics. However, the wheels on the board are made up of metal. Most manufacturers use a certain type of polymer to keep the boards strong and long-lasting.

This kind of board usually weighs less than four pounds. A small weight makes it easy to carry. It’s the same with other types. It has unique designs, colors, and patterns that makes it super attractive. Also, you can ride this penny board in any way you want.

If you are a first time rider, you may find riding the penny skateboard to be quite difficult.  However, It is easy to ride a penny board. Here are some tips that you may use:


People who ride penny boards need to keep their feet in the same place. Small planks are present where you can keep your feet. 

Choose a place first. 

Find the best way to stand. Another thing you could do is to stand on the board with one foot in front of the other. Take a look at where your feet are. When you push with your rear foot, your front foot will be on top of the board’s bolts. Lay your back foot perpendicular to your board for a calm sail.


When you move, you must stay stable. To ride a penny board well, you need to keep your balance. Do not worry if you can’t balance. You can learn how to do it. The shortboard’s front legs, which look like penny boards, are responsible for maintaining the balance. The idea is to bend your knee a little more to make your board feel more balanced. This way, it will help you keep a good balance. 


After you’ve learned how to balance on your penny board, you can now try to get going faster on it. When you push down on the ground with your feet, you get faster. Try raising your hind foot off the board and putting your foot on the ground like other penny boarders do, and see if that helps. It’s possible to speed up by kicking and pushing with your foot on your board.

How to Make a Turn On A penny board

 Riders can also do this. It’s possible for you to go in two different ways. If you have trouble turning your board or it doesn’t seem to turn as quickly as you want, you can loosen the board;s trucks. To quickly spin your board, you must loosen the big nut that holds the trucks. So, to flip your board, you first need to change your position in which you are applying the weight. Just put a lot of weight in the direction you want to go.

The right way to stop. 

While it is easy to travel, stopping your board takes a lot of practice. Stopping a penny board is easy, and you can do it in two ways. Use your feet to slow down your penny board. As a way to get an even break and not be thrown off your own board, take off one foot. Then, slide the sole of your shoe over the pavement.

Because the penny board is very strong, another way to stop your penny board would be to jump off of it. When your board moves, you can use this method. Jump off your board and let your penny board keep going. There is no need to worry about your penny board getting broken. Also, you should not be afraid of getting hurt. A penny board isn’t meant for speedy riding. So, make sure you are already comfortable with slower speeds before you try to go faster.

Ride a penny board now. With the new skills and tips you learned, you can now surf like a pro. Remember to wear the right shoes. Always wear closed-toe shoes with a flat sole when riding a penny board. Helps you get a good grip on the board. You only need to follow the tips to have a great penny board ride. Keep your safety in mind, too. Step by step, be very careful, and don’t be aggressive when you ride your penny board. This will help you avoid accidents that could hurt you and others. No harm, more happiness.


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