Best Razer Gaming Chairs for Streamers

Streaming will generally require you to sit in front of your monitor and streaming camera for multiple hours in a day. While full-time streamers are known to stream for most of the day. This is why you need a comfortable gaming chair for your streaming needs. Razer is a company you have likely heard of. It is well known for manufacturing the best technology and equipment for those serious about gaming. In this article, we are going to go through the best Razer gaming chairs for streamers.

What to Look For in a Gaming Chair?

Below we are going to outline the four factors that you should look out for when deciding which gaming chair is right for you. If you have never used a gaming chair, then you will have a less clear idea of what suits your needs and wants. But that is okay because Razer makes sure to offer to tick every one of these points.

Posture Support

Posture is key. Eventually, if your posture is bad you will start feeling the effects of this in the form of severe discomfort. The main reason why many gamers and streamers suffer from poor posture is the fact that we actually find it more comfortable to be in a posture that is bad for our health. Due to this, in certain regards, the chair that you are using is to blame. The best gaming chairs will make good postures pleasant to be in.


A lot of different types of materials are incorporated in the top-of-the-line gaming chairs. From the frame that holds everything in place to the material that the actual seat is made out of. Everything matters. The first-rate chairs for gamers will have a seat that is outlined with multiple layers of different materials. This is in order to ensure comfortability and also make sure that it is made to last. Cheap chairs are known for peeling from just a few weeks of use.


Every person is different, some of us have longer limbs as well as different needs and wants. A one-fit solution is therefore not adequate. We recommend that you make sure that certain aspects of your gaming chair are customizable. An example of this is the angle of the seat as well as the concentration of air inside of the foam cushion behind your back.


Finally, you should make sure that the gaming chair that you are considering buying has mostly positive reviews. In addition to the total rating, it is also key that you take note of the number of testimonials. It is much better to have a score of 4.5 stars out of 5 from one thousand reviews compared to a score of 4.6 stars out of 5 from just one hundred reviews. Moreover, reviews from reputable publications are more representative than reviews on a review platform.

Razer Iskur

Razer Iskur is the brand name of Razer Inc.’s line of premium gaming chairs. The Razer Iskur product line is an official gaming chair manufacturer for a number of professional e-sport teams such as MAD Lions Madrid and Bren Esports. Furthermore, the gaming chair line has received enthusiastic reviews from leading publications such as Windows Central and Tom’s Guide. Below we will go into detail about the best Razer gaming chairs in this product range.

Razer Iskur – Green

The ‘Razer Iskur – Green’ comes in the famous neon green color scheme that Razer products are known for. The chair features a totally adjustable lumbar pillow located at the bottom in order to support your lower spine. A region that is most commonly affected by poor posture. The foam used in the seat is high-density which allows it to offer maximum support to your back and thus greater comfort.

Razer Iskur – Fabric

With the ‘Razer Iskur – Fabric’, you get all of the benefits from the ‘Razer Iskur – Green’ added with a soft yarn surface. It may sound like a simple addition but it makes all the difference. This yarn is compactly woven so that it is tough and easy to wash, in other words, triple-resistant. It is also ultra-soft, giving off the feeling that you are sitting on clouds.

Razer Iskur – Black

The ‘Razer Iskur – Black’ has identical features to the ‘Razer Iskur – Green’. However, it is totally redesigned to have a cool and confident all-black color scheme. Like the other two models featured above, it also includes a ‘4D armrest’ meaning that it can be adjusted forwards, backward, up, down, left, right, and also rotated.

Razer Iskur X

As we have stated multiple times, Razer is a top-of-the-line gaming equipment manufacturer whose products are adequately priced due to this. For the gamers who are budget conscious, then we strongly recommend the ‘Razer Iskur X’ which is cheaper but is still one of the best Razer gaming chairs. The reduction in price is due to the ‘Razer Iskur X’ not including lumbar back support technology and also the armrests being adjustable only up, down, and being semi-rotated. Regardless it still features multi-layered leather, high-density foam, and the 3-year warranty that all Razer gaming chairs come with.

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