Repair Vs. Replace Broken Windows: Which Makes More Financial Sense?

Windows are not cheap. In fact, they can be quite expensive. If you have a window that is broken and in need of repair, it might seem like the only option to fix the problem would be to replace it. However, this may not actually be true! Repairing a broken window could make more financial sense than replacing it. Read on to learn more about how fixing your window can save you money. 

Factors to Consider When You Have a Broken Window

There are several factors to consider when you have a broken window before you begin considering your options.

The Cost of Repair Versus Replacement

If the window is repairable, you will need to weigh the cost of doing so against the cost of replacement. Oftentimes, repairing a window is cheaper than replacing it, but this isn’t always the case. The average cost of repairing a window is $186, but the cost of replacing one may range from $300 to $5,000, depending on the type, number, and size. Even if your repair expenses are higher than normal, it’s more likely to be a less expensive alternative than paying someone to remove your old windows and replace them.

Is the Window Repairable?

When you have a broken window, the first thing to consider is whether or not it can be repaired. If there are cracks in the glass but no damage to the frame of your window, this may be an option for you. Things such as broken glass, rotten sash, window mechanism failure, and water infiltration can all be fixed without having to replace the window. You can get this fixed easily from local window repair professionals. To look for the window repair professions near you, assuming you live in Denver, you could simply search for certain phrases online to find specialists near you.  Reviews will help you find window glass repair in Denver that locals rely on, and this will guarantee that the job will be well done. Finding a reliable local business is important if you’re going to get what you need to do just the way you want it and they’ll also be able to give you proper feedback on whether the window is repairable or not. If the damage is more extensive, however, you may need to replace the entire window.

The Energy Efficiency of the Window

Another thing to consider when you have a broken window is the energy efficiency of the replacement window. If your old window was not very energy efficient, replacing it with a new, more energy-efficient window could save you money on your energy bill. However, if your old window was very energy efficient, replacing it with a new one may not be the best option.

The Age of the Window

Another thing to consider when you have a broken window is the age of the window. If your window is very old, it may not be worth your time or money to repair it. If you are replacing the window with a new one, however, make sure that the style of the replacement is consistent with your home’s architectural style.

The Style and Look of Your Home

When considering whether to repair or replace broken windows in your home, another factor to consider is how the windows will affect the overall look of your home. If you have a Victorian-style home with ornate, decorative windows, it may not be wise to replace them with plain double-paned replacement windows that don’t match the style and detailing of your existing ones, and replacing them might become very expensive. In this case, the repair is probably the way to go!

When considering whether to repair or replace broken windows in your home, it’s important to consider the factors mentioned above. Repairing a window is usually much cheaper than replacing one that isn’t very old and doesn’t need extensive repairs. However, if the window is beyond repair, replacement may be your only option. Replacing an old, energy-inefficient window with Betaview gas strut windows can save you money on your energy bill in the long run, but replacing a very old or ornate window could be more expensive than repairing it. Ultimately, the decision of whether to repair or replace broken windows in your home should be based on the specific circumstances of each individual case.

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