3 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Home or Business

HVAC maintenance is needed to keep our homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You don’t want the system to break down, so it’s important to have an HVAC maintenance plan to keep it running at peak efficiency.

A good maintenance plan can help slow the breakdown of other critical equipment. Getting HVAC preventative maintenance saves you money in a few different ways. Read on to learn 3 HVAC maintenance tips for your home or business!

  1. Clear the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of any HVAC system is at risk from weather or things like dirt and other debris. Plants and trees can also mess with outdoor units. Leaves or branches get inside the housing and cause damage or jam the fan blades.

For the best results, you should clear bushes and trees from the area around the units. A fence or wall around the units helps to keep them clean all year round. With commercial HVAC maintenance, this is the first thing they recommend.

One of the biggest things you can do for an outdoor unit is to prepare it for winter. Covering the unit with a weighted tarp and some plywood helps to keep snow, leaves, and other debris out. Alternatively, you can buy a cover if you want a more aesthetically pleasing option!

  1. Use a Smart Controller

Using a system with a smart controller can be a boon for good HVAC maintenance. Smart controllers do things like keep track of your history and alert you when you need to change the filters. The more advanced units can check air quality, which is a big indicator if your system is working as it should.

You can program smart controllers to run on a set schedule. Large commercial systems can even turn on based on where you are in the building. Setting these systems should be a part of every HVAC maintenance plan.

  1. Annual Check-Ups

Like us, HVAC systems need yearly professional checkups to keep them running in top form. These checkups should be a part of any HVAC preventive maintenance plan. It’s best to get a complete checkup once a year during spring or fall to prepare for the harsher seasons.

These check-ups can consist of checking the air filters, topping off the refrigerant level, or making sure there are no leaks in the system. You can search ‘HVAC maintenance near me’ to find a good company to take care of it. If you need tips to help keep your HVAC system running, this article has a few for you!

The Best HVAC Maintenance Tips

HVAC maintenance is an important thing to keep on top of since it can affect large parts of your business or make your home uncomfortable to live in. Your HVAC maintenance plan should be a priority, whether it’s for a commercial business or a residential home. Without a good HVAC maintenance plan, you could lose a lot of money.

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