3 Types of Refrigerator Styles for Your Home or Business

A refrigerator is an absolute necessity in a home. Did you know that 99.8% of American homes own a refrigerator?

Whether you want a vintage style refrigerator or a modern refrigerator, there are different refrigerator styles to choose from.

The style you settle for goes a long way in determining the outlook of your space. It’s important to consider your budget, kitchen aesthetics, and the size of your kitchen before purchasing a refrigerator.

Are you looking to purchase a fridge for your home or business? Look no further. Below we explain three refrigerator styles you should consider.

  1. Door Design

Depending on the door design, there are various refrigerator options to choose from.

First, there’s the stacked refrigerator and freezer. In this design, the freezer is located at the bottom or top. These fridges have a larger fridge compartment as compared to the freezer.

Advancement in technology has led to a shift from retro style refrigerators to the use of smart fridges, whose average cost is $1229-$1499. Some of these fridges have touchscreens and see-through doors and can even interact with your phone.

Side by side fridges have two doors – one opening to the freezer and the other to the refrigerator. They are most suitable for large families since they have a big storage capacity.

French door refrigerators have three doors – two situated at the top and one at the bottom. The top compartments open up the fridge while the bottom opens the freezer. They also have adjustable shelves and exterior water dispensers.

If your fridge has a water dispenser, it’s advisable to change your water filter when it wears out. The Ge brand company offers high-quality water filter replacement services.

  1. Installation Style

Depending on your style and the size of your kitchen, you can choose to have a stand-alone, counter-depth, or built-in home fridge.

Built-in refrigerators are designed for luxurious kitchens. They are fixed to the wall and have a seamless and sleek look. You require a professional to install and customize the fridge to your preference.

Stand-alone fridges are flexible, easy to install, and less expensive than built-in fridges. They are available in different door styles and finishes. However, they have a short lifespan.

Counter-depth fridges are installed to be of the same depth as your counters. They are a good choice if you need to remodel or move in the future.

  1. Specific Use

So, do you require a refrigerator for your home use or business? There are several commercial style refrigerators you can consider. These include walk-in fridges, beverage coolers, kegerators, and chest freezers.

Industrial style refrigerators have specialized temperature cooling options to store your items in an ideal environment.

Best Refrigerator Styles

Depending on your budget and the size of your kitchen, there are many refrigerator styles to choose from.

However, finding the best pick for you might be overwhelming and time-consuming. With the right guide, you can find the best fridge to meet your needs and transform your kitchen appearance.

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