How to Prevent Fleet Equipment Theft

Did you know that fleet equipment theft in the construction sector costs businesses $1 billion a year? And that’s just one sector.

If you consider other segments, you can appreciate that theft isn’t just a nuisance. It’s a huge problem that businesses will need to address. After all, equipment that gets stolen will need to be replaced. That won’t be cheap.

Are you interested in learning how you can protect fleet equipment?

Keep on reading to find out about some ways you can prevent fleet equipment theft from occurring in the first place.

GPS Tracking

One way you can protect your valuable fleet is by using GPS tracking technology. 

One source puts the number of U.S. fleets with five or more vehicles at 461,532. And you can bet that losing any of those vehicles due to theft isn’t only worrying but also costly. GPS technology can help combat this problem.

With the right technology installed, you’ll know where your equipment is at all times. So, if someone steals it, you’ll be able to find out where it is and then notify the authorities. It’s the sort of investment you can’t afford to ignore.

The importance of GPS tracking can’t be overstated. It works. So, it makes sense to explore this option for protecting your vehicles and equipment.

Put It Away

You’ll be able to cut down on cases of fleet equipment theft if you put things away. A lot of criminals are opportunistic. So, they’ll see something they want, figure out how they can get it, and then put in process a plan to take it.

But if you put things away after using them, you’ll be able to protect your fleet equipment from opportunistic criminals.

If you have a fleet of cars, park them in a garage or in a fenced-in area. if you’re using equipment on a job site, you’ll want to secure them as well. Doing this will reduce the odds of your fleet assets being stolen.

Lock Doors

This recommendation seems so painfully obvious. But the reality is that many instances of fleet vehicle theft occur because of doors left unlocked.

If your employees carelessly leave vehicle doors unlocked, it won’t be all that hard for criminals to easily gain entry and hotwire the vehicles. The criminals will be able to drive the stolen vehicles off your property in no time flat.

So, ensure that your workers understand that locking fleet vehicles is a must. 

Remove Valuables From The Vehicles

It’s never a good idea to leave valuables in plain sight within your fleet vehicles. Leaving valuable items visible from the outside of the vehicles can entice criminals to target your vehicles.

Store things in the trunk. Even better, unload any valuables and store them securely inside the office building.

Use Vehicle Immobilization Solutions

Another option is to use vehicle immobilization technology. When you get this technology installed in your fleet vehicles, you’ll be able to remotely disable a stolen fleet vehicle. Criminals will be stopped right in their tracks.

Securing your fleet is important. Vehicle immobilization technology can help prevent fleet theft.

Protect Your Fleet Equipment

Your fleet equipment is a critical part of your company. So, you’ll want to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent theft. 

If you use the aforementioned options, you’ll be able to keep your fleet equipment from being unlawfully removed from your business property. That’ll save you time and money.

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