8 Front Yard Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Landscape

Who says your yard only needs to look good in the daytime? 75% of homeowners who invest in features that improve curb appeal have a greater desire to be at home. What if you could boost your curb appeal both day and night?

Front yard lighting can do just that. Adding lighting features to your home helps create a warm and inviting feel at any hour. Not sure where to start? Keep reading to learn more about front yard lighting.

Why Should You Add Outdoor Lights?

Adding outdoor lighting to your home provides several benefits. Outdoor lights light the way in the dark, accentuate focal points, add security, and boost your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Pathway Lights

Path lights illuminate your home’s walkways in the evening. These lights are fixed at the edge of your pathways to guide you to the entryway of your home. Solar lights, light strips, flush lights, and low voltage lights are excellent options to light your paths.

  1. Garden/Landscape Lighting

Using garden and landscape lighting will draw attention to some of the most beautiful features in your front yard. Soft lighting will create an ambiance and eliminate shadows. Create focal points by adding lights to flowerbeds, trees, statues, shrubs, or water features in your yard and garden.

  1. Ground Lighting

Ground lighting, also known as well lighting, goes directly into the ground. They are often hardwired and set to a timer. This way, they’re only on when you want them to be.

These lights act as accent lighting for plants and decorative features. You can even submerge them in water if you have a pond or fountain you’d like to feature at night.

  1. Lanterns

Lanterns will illuminate your front yard while adding character to your home. Lanterns offer a lot of versatility because they can be full-size stand-alone features, hanging from a porch, or mounted to your home.

If lanterns aren’t your style, you can also use sconces for a more understated look.

  1. Home Exterior Lighting

Home exterior lights provide added security while highlighting architectural features. Wash lights are one of the most common types of exterior lighting because they eliminate shadows and illuminate your home in a soft glow.

Exterior lights are often pointed up from the ground level, but can also rest on eaves or windowsills.

  1. Floodlights

Floodlights are one of the best lighting features to incorporate in your front yard for security. These lights cast a beam up to 120 degrees and are capable of illuminating large spaces, like driveways or parking areas.

Floodlighting often uses bright LEDs and motion sensors. The motions sensors add another layer of security by scaring off would-be intruders. Some models of motion sensor floodlights also come equipped with a security camera.

  1. Front Door Lights

If you’ve ever tried to unlock your front door in the dark, you know how important front door lighting is. Front door lights illuminate your entryway, add to the decor, and provide some security without having to leave your porch lights on at all times.

Consider matching sconces, hanging lanterns, uplighting, or flush lights to provide a soft light as you enter your home. Take entryway lighting to the next level by adding light features to your stairway as well.

  1. Spotlights

Spotlights cast a narrow beam of light and are one of the best options to highlight specific points of interest. When using spotlights in your outdoor lighting, avoid grouping them together. Instead, direct them towards a focal point from different angles.

Other Unique Lighting Ideas

If standard lighting isn’t for you, there are other unique lighting ideas to create interest in your front yard. Here are some other ideas to illuminate your home:

  • White fairy lights
  • Light up your house number
  • Colored feature lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Globe lighting
  • Tube lighting

These options can add more ambiance and character to your front yard, making it feel even more inviting.

Other Tips to Remember

When updating the lighting in your front yard, there are a few tips to keep in mind when working on your design. With these tips, you’ll be able to plan execute your new lighting with ease. 

Think of Your Focal Points

Determining which focal points you want to highlight will help you decide which type of lighting you need. Choose a few points of interest to plan your lighting around.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t include too many light fixtures in one place for your outdoor lighting. Lights should highlight points of interest. When there are too many, the lights become the focal point instead.

Consider the Purpose

Think about the purpose you want your lighting to serve. Do you want to see better at night, add curb appeal, or increase your security measures? Knowing what you want to accomplish with your lighting will help you decide which options to focus on.

How to Install Outdoor Lighting

Before deciding on lighting for your front yard, make sure you research how to install each lighting style. Some lights, like solar lighting, don’t need any electricity, while other options require running cables on your property, transformers, digging, or installing new electrical.

If your new lighting involves electrical installation, consider hiring a custom home wiring electrician to install them for you. 

Brighten Up Your Landscape With Front Yard Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays an important role in your landscaping. Make your house the best-looking home on the block with a variety of front yard lighting features.

Why stop there? Check out some of our other home improvement articles for more ways to step up your curb appeal.

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