‘Doom at Your Service,’ the Best Korean Romantic Drama

Also known as One Day Destruction Came through My Front Door, this is one of the best South Korean fantasy romantic dramas. It focuses on an interesting love triangle between two top Korean actors that bring a brilliant performance. This television series is multi-themed, and you will honestly not find a better romantic fantasy show with a more interesting and creative plot than this series. Here is an exclusive look at the lead cast, synopsis of the drama show as well as the various themes addressed.

Lead Cast

The television stars Park Bo Young, and Seo InGuk is the lead One Day Destruction actors. Seo InGuk gained a popular fan base after acting in the popular ‘Reply 1997’ and the recent 2018 drama, ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.’ The actor has also featured in, ‘Hello Monster,’ ‘High School King of Savvy’ and, ‘Shopping King Louie’. As for Park Bo Young, the queen of romantic drama, she has become a popular actress with the show, ‘A Werewolf Boy’, ‘Strong Girl Benson,’ ‘My Ghost’ and more.


Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) lives a relatively normal life until she comes across an unanticipated fate. Since the death of her parents, Tak Dong Kyung has been working hard to get a stable life. After working as a web novel editor for six years, her life seems to be more stable. However, she gets diagnosed with glioblastoma and has just three months to live, her boss at work scolds her and finds out that her boyfriend has a wife and is father-to-be, all in one day. She ends up blaming her unlucky life and wishes everything to disappear which evokes Myul Mang, the Doom himself unintentionally.


She ends up signing a hundred-day contract with Myul Mang (Seo In Gook) to avoid her fate, risking her everything and an emotional rollercoaster between the two ensues. Myul Mang is a messenger between humans and gods and born between light and dark. Countries disappear when he breathes, life is extinguished when he smiles, and seasons collapse when he walks. It is his fate. Fed up on this fate, he chooses to fulfill the wishes of Tak Dong-Kyung to end the world. What are the sacrifices will they have to pull to get the best from the 100 days?

Drama Themes

One of the major themes of this drama show is love. It features a sad love which makes you wish that the couple will have a happy ending, although it seems unlikely. Although it’s a fantasy drama, its fiction has not been exaggerated and contrasts between a real-world and a dream-like notion. Even more, while we did not expect the show to be funny, it will make you laugh. The two lead actors clash hilariously and the questions and replies are more of comedy.

Bottom Line

This television South Korean drama will give you such a good vibe for weeks that you will definitely enjoy. You will be thrilled by the changes the destructive Myul Mang, and the ordinary Tak Ding Kyung brings into the lives of one another. You can’t afford to miss this brilliant show!

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