An Ultimate Guide To Kindergarten In Singapore

Pr-school education is the founding block of good education for any child in Singapore. But then, if you want your child to get a foundation that inspires, finding the right kindergarten is ultimate. Finding a striking institution that matches your requirements is daunting, with so many kindergartens in Singapore to choose from within such a populated city. But then it is not always about the best institution; sometimes, it’s finding a kindergarten within your budget and proximity.

Even then, with all factors kept constant, finding an institution with a credible reputation is a huge factor. You don’t want your little one ending up in some ghetto playground and ending up a crook. You know you have an obligation to raise your kids right, which means finding the proper foundation for their education.

Looking to get a perfect pr-school for your little kid but torn between options? Here are some factors you will find reasons to consider. 


The first factor, perhaps the most important, is not so much institutional-based but rather a factor about the parent. When looking to find a good kindergarten, make sure to do so in advance, as the most credible kindergarten in Singapore fills up first.


How close your preferred kindergarten for your kids defines several factors. Regardless of the quality of the kindergarten, no parent is happy taking their little ones to the other side of the island.

 Age of your kid

Schooling in Singapore and specifically pr-school kids are between 18 months and six years. However, it is essential to distinguish between daycare and kindergarten education even though most kindergartens in Singapore offer both. For the daycare, you might want your kid to be closer to your reach as much as possible for obvious reasons. 

School hours

A typical kindergarten school day in Singapore takes 4 hours. Some kindergartens take even a whole day, but with all honesty, you don’t want your little kid stuck between the school walls half-interested the whole day. You also want a school time that is convenient for your working schedule.

Child teacher ratio

The number of teachers per class varies from one institution to another. Child teacher ratio is a massive factor for your child’s engagement in class. You want your child to get the attention when she needs it.


While most kindergartens can offer world-class services, your budget for education is a considerable determinant of where your child will end up. Even then, you can always find a suitable school within your budget; take time to research.


What facilities does the school have, and how are they adequate to your child’s learning.


Choose a perfect curriculum for your child. Different kindergartens in Singapore use different curriculum. STEM curriculum, for example, is an excellent choice for a futuristic foundation.


While too many choices are suitable for the general society, it can be puzzling to settle for one without missing an opportunist. However, all you need to do is lay down the primary goal of your child’s future, and along with some helpful guides, you can settle for that perfect kindergarten.

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