What Is a Silent Disco and Are They As Much Fun?

Are you confused about what a silent disco is?

You may have seen the term in articles or even heard friends talk about it, but if you are still unsure of what it is or what it involves, we can help.

Please keep reading and allow us to de-mystify the silent disco for you. By the end of this article, you may even want to host a silent disco yourself!

What Is a Silent Disco?

Silent discos have been around for almost twenty years at this point, but they seem to be growing again in popularity recently.

When you show up to the party, you get a set of headphones, and that’s about it! There are multiple DJs playing music, so you can choose the music you want to listen to, switching from one to another if a song you don’t like happens to come on. People dance, carry on, and have an overall fantastic time. 

If this sounds like something you want to try, search “silent disco near me,” and you may be surprised to see one in your neighborhood. 

What Kind of Silent Disco Equipment is Required?

As a party-goer, all you need are silent disco headphones. It gets a little bit more complicated when you start getting into silent disco planning. There are different types of equipment, transmitters and devices required. 

The color of the headphones changes based on what song you are listening to, so you can find other people at the silent disco listening to the same songs you are. One of the best parts about listening to your music in headphones is you can take the party with you wherever you need to go (even if it’s the bathroom).

At the end of the night, you return the headphones and go back to regular, non-silent disco life. 

How Can You Host a Silent Disco?

If you don’t just want to attend a silent disco, or you can’t find one close to you, there is another option.

You can host a silent disco yourself! There are silent disco rental companies that can make the silent disco party come to you. You can host small to large parties, as long as you have enough room and enough headphones. 

The headphones used for silent discos can be used for various other events, like guided tours, outdoor movies, and more. 

Will You Attend a Silent Disco?

Now that you know what a silent disco is, are you interested in going to one? Search out a silent disco near you and give something new a try! Many people say the experience is enjoyable with and without your headphones on.

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