Why You Should Give Breast Pumps a Try

Breast milk is considered to be the best way to feed an infant. It has been well documented that breastfeeding helps the infant develop properly and boosts their immune system. A breast pump can be a miracle solution for mothers that are looking for convenience and wish to use formula milk as little as possible.

  1. Control feed timings

When breastfeeding, you do not control the feed timings. The infant does not have a schedule of when he gets hungry. Using a breast pump allows you to separate your schedule from the infant’s feeding schedule. Having a supply of breast milk means that you can still feed your infant with natural milk so that he gets all the essential nutrients needed for his development while you can use that time for something else.

  1. Works wonders for working moms

Many working moms are constrained into using formula milk because of their schedule. Not being around to feed the infant with breast milk leads to this problem. A breast pump, on the other hand, ensures that there is a fresh supply of breast milk available for the infant, even while you are away.


  1. Donor milk

This may be something that some mothers are not aware of but not all mothers produce enough breast milk for their infants. It is recommended that an infant is fed with breast milk exclusively for the first 6 months of his life. When the mother does not produce enough milk, donor milk is the only solution. A breast pump allows you to collect excess milk and help mothers that do not produce enough.

  1. Helps increase milk supply

When a baby is breastfeeding, your body will start producing milk. Depending on how much milk he consumed, the body will produce more or less. Mothers that produce less milk can try to use a breast pump immediately after feeding the child. This will deplete the natural supply and force the body to produce more. You get a double benefit of feeding the baby and saving a small supply of breast milk.

  1. Reduces the chances of soreness or infections

It is not uncommon to develop a nipple infection. Most moms also experience soreness or even small skin lesions around the nipple area. This happens due to breastfeeding. While it is necessary to breastfeed the infant, it can lead to such ailments. A breast pump is more gentile and leads to reduced pain while pumping. If cleaned properly, it can also reduce the risk of developing infections that would otherwise make breastfeeding impossible for a while.

Certainly, these 5 benefits of using a breast pump make it worthwhile considering. It does not have to be used every single day but it does offer advantages, especially when breastfeeding is difficult. What is important to note is that breast milk should never be frozen. If you decide to start using a breast pump, try to work with small quantities of milk that you estimate to last for a day but no more than that. If stored for too long, the milk loses its properties.

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