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For all that a handyman can do, there is a constant need for their services. Because every request is different, a system that allows your dispatchers to quickly retrieve customer information and pass it on to your team works wonders. Solution? Dispatch software for handymen that synchronizes job details and schedules by billing data. It creates a complex network between the clients, office dispatchers, and field workers. Full access to information about vacancies and clients, as well as a streamlined communication system allow you to achieve maximum efficiency, making your business more profitable!

Building an efficient system with Handyman dispatching software

 Dispatching software for handymen may assist to reduce the time wasted searching for files, holding your breath searching for opening schedules, and unnecessary two-way communication between the service and field specialists. This dispatching software synchronizes every part of your company into a single organized system. You will register job requests in real-time, send job orders directly, and communicate with your handymen in the area. By maximizing uptime in all of these areas, your dispatchers will gain increased availability to handle more client requests and improve your bottom line.

Dispatch software for handymen

Handyman dispatch software simplifies scheduling including billing in one integrated system. Among these features, your business handyman can create a comprehensive and comprehensive customer database so no question goes unanswered. Dispatchers can easily open a customer profile to view past jobs completed, previous notes on those jobs, contact information, and billing information. When you’re on the phone with a prospect, the last thing you want to do is pause them while you pull out their file. Multitasking becomes a reality with professional business software as your dispatchers can get all the data they need in just a few clicks. No more waiting and waiting and no more wasting time on paperwork. Your dispatchers will have all the necessary resources in one place to provide your clients, field workers, and managers with immediate answers and solutions.

Quotes for shipping orders using handyman appraisal software

Another advantage lies in its ability to generate quotes and proposals. Whether you are dealing with a new or existing potential client, you want to respond as quickly as possible. If job estimates are delayed, your company may lose business to its competitors. Your clients turn to you for services because they either cannot do the work themselves, or the work requires immediate attention. With in-home assessment software, your dispatchers will be able to immediately dispatch the most qualified field technician to the site to assess possible work. Using the iFleet mobile app, your handyman can draw up a cost estimate onsite and submit it to the office. Within a few hours or even minutes after this transfer, your dispatcher can call a potential client back to put your company in the most suitable position to grow its business.

It offers more than just dispatching software for handymen. It also gives your business a wide range of efficiency-enhancing features. When you run your business with dispatch software, Smart Service simultaneously provides you the ability to:

  • Manage your customer base.
  • Keep detailed records of work.
  • Add images to work orders.
  • Track time to work.
  • Plan tasks more accurately.
  • Avoid Double Reservation of Timeslots.
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry.
  • Track handymen.
  • Send instant job updates.
  • Plan daily routes.
  • Set up recurring tasks.
  • Control and track equipment.
  • Send invoices and collect payments.
  • View past work history and unpaid bills.


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