Why Is the Genie Garage Door Opener Great for You? An Overview

Over 55.7% of burglaries come from forced entries. The garage is the favorite entry point for thieves. After all, it houses expensive tools and sports equipment on top of your vehicle.

Thieves like homes with old automatic garage door openers since they usually feature the same code. If you are not mindful of your garage doors and openers, your home becomes vulnerable. For this reason, you have to choose the best garage door opener around.

The Genie Company is one of the best brands, but is a Genie garage door opener right for you? Continue reading to learn more about its features today:


Did you know some automatic garage doors trap children aged 2 to 14 years old? In some cases, door malfunctions result in severe injuries and fatalities.

The Genie garage door opener comes equipped with safety features to avoid such incidents. It has a Safe-T-Beam system, uses infrared technology to detect any obstacle while the Brisbane garage doors are closing. 

The infrared beam will project across the opening of the garage door. When something interrupts the beam, it sends a signal to the opener to reverse. The door opens back up, keeping any object, animal, or person safe.

Opening and Closing

Genie offers an ultra-quiet performance. You need not wake your family when you come home in the wee hours of the morning. It has a soft start and soft stop feature, ensuring a smooth operation.

All these are thanks to the DC motor, a newer technology over the more traditional AC motor. The motor also allows for opening speeds of 6 to 12 inches per second.

Battery Backup

Are you worried about power failures? Genie garage door openers have a reliable battery backup. You can always open and close your garage door in emergencies.

You only have to test the battery once a month to check its functions. When it springs to action, it can power up to 50 openings and closings within 24 hours of a power outage. 

Smart Technologies

A Genie garage door opener has additional features for both safety and convenience. It has Intellicode security technology, which changes the access code on each activation. 

Another feature is its Smartphone Control Technology. It gives you control over your Genie even when you are in another part of the world. You need not use a garage door opener remote as long as you have a smartphone.


One thing to consider about the Genie garage door opener is its installation. Ensure your success by hiring a professional to install your garage door. The process can be tricky, complicated, and sometimes life-threatening.

Still, the company provides instructions for those who can take on the project on their own.

Learn More About the Genie Garage Door Opener Today

The Genie garage door opener ticks off all the boxes about security, safety, and features. What’s next is to find the best model for you. The best part is Genie has a variety of products for different needs and budgets. 

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