5 Things to Consider Before Buying Space Management Software

The biggest challenge that comes with a hybrid workplace is space management. If you are a facility manager and constantly find yourself managing extensive spreadsheets, ensuring COVID safety norms, or adjusting seating charts at the last minute, it might be a good time to invest in space management software

It will not only automate these tasks but will also ensure optimum office space utilization. But not every space management software is the same. From budget to software features, you must consider a few things to find software that best fits your business needs. Let us take a good look at these factors in detail.

5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Space Management Software

  • The Size of Your Team

Managing a bigger workforce of, say, 2000+ employees is way more complicated than managing a team of 20. So, before finalizing a space management software, make sure it can accommodate your team effectively. For example, if you have a big workforce, look for software that allows you to track the space utilization of different departments or teams.

For smaller teams, you can use simple space management software that helps you track space utilization and resource allocation in a limited space. You must also consider other factors like-

  • The number of daily onsite workers
  • Future recruitment plans
  • Available office space, etc.


  • How Will You Use the Space Management Software

If you think space management software only helps optimize your office space, it’s time to look at the various products available in the market. Most software comes with multiple features like-

  • Creating interactive floor plans
  • Generating real-time utilization data
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Tracking employee movement
  • Scenario planning
  • Analyzing utilization patterns to forecast demand for spaces, etc.

Evaluate your office space to identify areas that will benefit from a space management software. You can also look at the short and long-term business goals to determine potential changes in your space requirements. This will help you understand exactly what features you’re looking for and narrow down on software that best serves your company’s needs. 

For example, if you want to expand operations and increase your office space in the future, you must invest in scalable software. A software that lets you collect and analyze space usage data and finances is the best deal as your company grows.

  • The Number of Locations You Manage

Do you operate offices across multiple locations? Or plan to expand business presence in the future? Then you must look for space management software that allows you to manage all of them on a single platform. 

This includes signing up employees, tracking their movement, identifying underutilized spaces, etc. This helps you compare how your spaces are being used across different locations.

A common dashboard also helps employees navigate easily on an unfamiliar campus. Suppose an employee from a different location is visiting the premises for a week, they can easily find available spaces or meeting rooms without spending time looking for them or accessing a different software.

  • Which Processes Do You Want to Automate
  • Do you want to automate employee check-ins?
  • Do you want to facilitate online desk and meeting room reservations?
  • Do you want to manage floor plans and seating arrangements digitally?
  • Do you want to eliminate manual spreadsheets and reporting?

Identifying processes you want to automate with space management software will help you manage the use of space and resources like work desks, meeting rooms, huddle rooms, etc. For instance, it could alert the facility manager if a certain floor or area is overcrowded so that they can take measures to follow social distancing norms. Remember, the goal is to minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks while improving the flexibility and agility of the workspace.

Look for space management software that will specifically help you streamline these processes. 

  • Your Budget and ROI of the Software

After evaluating these factors, you can establish whether or not you need space management software. If you do, do not forget to consider your budget and expected ROI. The software you select must fulfill company needs without straining the finances.

List down the metrics to calculate the ROI not only in terms of the investment but also in terms of aspects like- 

  • Employee productivity
  • The functionality of the space
  • Ease of implementation and usage
  • Addressing your specific workplace challenges, etc. 

You must know what exactly you expect from space management software. Remember, the ROI should justify the costs of the license.

Boost Workplace Efficiency with Space Management Software

Implementing a workplace management software depends on multiple factors like the size of your office, the number of employees, features it offers, etc. The requirements of a company that operates out of 2,500 square feet of office space will vary significantly from one that operates on multiple floors or locations. 

So, before investing in space management platform, you must evaluate the specific challenges and requirements of your business to select a solution that offers the maximum value and ROI. 

WorkInSync space management software helps you manage your real estate portfolio and ultimate reduce costs. The cloud based space management solution helps you make informed decisions. 

Be it hot desking or conference room, managing space will become easier. For more information, get in touch with the product experts today. 

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