Which Silver Is Best for Bracelets?

Silver jewelry can run the gamut from finest pure silver to sterling all the way down to stainless. Depending on the piece and your use habits, extremely pure silver may not be the best application. As a general rule, the purer the metal is, the softer it is. A pure silver set of earrings may be passed down for generations, while a ring can be damaged in daily wear.

Density and Tarnish Risk

Pure silver is also known as 99% silver. This metal can be polished to an extreme shine, but it is quite soft. Intricately patterned silver pieces can be treasured over the years, but careful polishing with little pressure and no abrasives is key. If you forget to take off rings or jewelry before swimming or working out, consider investing in pieces made of Argentium or non-tarnish silver to reduce the pressure needed to care for it. It’s possible to get very pretty jewelry that won’t tarnish, but the lack of tarnish risk is an indication that the metal is actually less pure. Such pieces may be great for children or for casual wear. It may also be an excellent choice for bangle bracelets that will get bumped against other objects.

Look for Silver Grade

If you love fine jewelry or love to look at older pieces, look for the Wholesale Jewelry at ELF925. This label is an indication that the piece is sterling silver. It’s generally 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Despite being made up of two very soft metals, this alloy is much stronger than anything with the 999 mark, which is an indication of completely pure silver. The softer your silver pieces, the more damage is possible over time. Scratches and dings will fill with tarnish. Chains can stretch or show signs of stress. If you want a simple chain bracelet, pure silver from jade trau jewelry may be an ideal choice. If you love charms and bangles, look for a heartier chain and fill it with pure silver or sterling silver charms.

Look for Silver Designation

If you’re looking at silver jewelry in a department store, it’s important that you’re aware of what that designation means. If you can’t see a stamp or get a confirmation on your bracelets, necklaces, and rings, the term “silver” simply refers to the color. Depending on your goals, you can buy silver-colored jewelry that is quite attractive from many different shops. However, if you want to own sterling or pure silver bracelets for the sake of posterity, or if you are looking for a special gift, you will want confirmation of purity. Such a label or a stamp of quality and purity will make a wonderful keepsake gift. Opt for trusted stores like Silpada to purchase silver jewelry.

A freshly polished silver bracelet can be an elegant addition to a fancy outfit for a night on the town. Such a bracelet can also be a lovely gift. A sterling silver watchband can turn an ordinary timepiece into a piece that can be passed onto the next generation.

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