Understanding the Different Handgun Parts and How They Work Together

According to a study, 48% of gun owners consider protection the main reason for owning a gun. Having one gives a sense of safety and security. Other purposes include hunting and sports.

Handguns are firearms with short barrels, and they work even with one hand. These concealable weapons are effective in ranges no greater than 100 meters.

These handguns are a combination of unique and individual components. Keep reading to learn about the different handgun parts here.

Parts of a Handgun

A modern handgun usually has three main parts. These main parts may contain smaller pieces or parts that help the gun’s operation.

The action, or the trigger, contains the parts that fire the gun. This moving part of the gun controls the cycle of pistol operation. It handles the loading, unloading, and discharging of the cartridges.

Each model differs in the action part of the handgun. In revolvers, the hammer and the cock then fire the gun. With a single-action firearm, the hammer drops then the cartridge fires.

Barrels are metal tubes where the bullet travels. Handguns have shorter barrels compared to rifles used in hunting. The barrel’s design help with single-hand shooting.

Handgun frames or receivers hold the weapon together. They are responsible for connecting the different parts of the gun. This component acts as the handle or grip of the handgun.

Frames contain a brass grip that has two sections. The index to the pinky finger holds the front part of the frame. Meanwhile, the thumb wraps around the back of the grip.

Knowing the different handgun parts give the owner an idea of how to store them. Proper gun storage is a responsible gun ownership practice.

Types of Handguns

The classification of handguns comes from their action type. The actions can either be single, double, or semi-automatic.

Single action revolvers need to reload every time it fires. Double action handguns trigger both the release and the cock. This action refills the gun with less effort.

Reloading for a single-action revolver takes more time. It requires the user to insert each round then rotate the cylinder. A speed loader can help in reloading a double-action revolver.

A semi-automatic handgun fires until the trigger releases. Most sport shooting handguns are semi-automatic. They’re more affordable and less regulated than automatic guns.

Did you know that only 30% of Americans own a gun? EDC gun belts are a popular choice because it offers efficiency. Concealed carry handguns give protection by keeping individuals safe at all times.

Laws about carrying weapons depend on the state. Concealed carry requires owners to hide their firearms. This action is a way to avoid confrontation from authorities.

Gunsmith Schools online provide knowledge on guns and firearm safety. The courses teach firearm enthusiasts how to create, repair, and customize guns.

The Different Handgun Parts

These are the different handgun parts you need to know. These parts work together to provide safe use and quality performance.

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