The Right Choice is Detox: 3 Barriers Preventing You From Detoxing Today

The truth is, you’re suffering from a disease, like alcoholism, and addiction, like substance abuse, that’s putting harmful toxins into your body. Your body is deteriorating, your health is failing, and the positive aspects of your life are disappearing every day. The right choice is detoxing from alcohol or drugs so your body can return to a healthy state. While it’s understandable to want to learn more, it’s equally realistic you might have some doubts about checking yourself into a detox center. Here are 3 barriers preventing you from making the right decision on your behalf. Accept them, and you’ll give your mind and body what they need.

Denial stops forward progress

Maybe your relative didn’t loan you money for marijuana. Or, your favorite bartender stopped serving you. Have you noticed any irrational beliefs about the people in your life? You might deny your addiction is killing you and blame others when they try to help, but not being honest and avoiding your problems by using substances, are behaviors contributing to denial. Denial stops you from making positive decisions on your behalf, like heading to a detox program to flush toxins from your body. According to Healthline, fear is a major contributor to being unable to make a healthy decision. The trick is to prepare yourself for what would happen if the worst did happen. If you’re worried about detox, can you come up with enough reasons to suggest you’ll be okay once you’re free? Alcohol and drugs are hurting you. Detox is the right choice that saves your body for more life in the future.

Self-loathing inhibits self-worth

Repeated intoxication might feel nice, but you’ll notice changes in how you feel as your organs begin to malfunction. Most people addicted to alcohol or drugs know about this deterioration process, and secretly hate themselves every time they pick up another bottle or needle. One reason is that your body has a chemical addiction to the substance you’re abusing. That’s why detox is so critical; rehab in the future will be possible once you get the harmful toxins out of your body. But if you hate yourself, you’ll spend a lot of time feeling sorry for yourself. All you’re doing is increase the damage alcohol or drugs have on your body. Consider research indicating suicide risk is prevalent among people with PTSD, and even more so with people feeling self-disgust. A study linked 347 traumatized undergraduates to suicide risk when self-disgust was a factor. This research proves that hating yourself is a dangerous way to feel, especially when you’re traumatized. Over time, alcohol and drug abuse traumatize the body as you can never fully adjust. Detox is the right decision, even if you hate yourself too much to try, do so anyway for your body’s sake.

Resistance could cost you your life

Detox is a critical decision that could keep your body alive. Your organs fail, your heart is at risk, and your brain is poisoned the longer you continue to abuse drugs or alcohol. Resistance is the worst-case scenario when detox is considered because it’s a sign you haven’t recognized the danger of abusing drugs and alcohol. Alcohol, in particular, can lead to liver damage, as alcohol kills healthy liver cells. Cirrhosis is a progressive disease that takes place when scar tissue replaces healthy liver cells. Research from the National Institute for Diabetes and Kidney Diseases shows people can die because doctors might not detect the disease early enough. Further research shows 1 in 400 people in the United States has cirrhosis. Resisting detox would only further deteriorate your body, just as substance abuse can cause brain damage, psychosis, and debilitating mental illness.

From resistance to denial, the path forward is confrontation. If your friends and family are helpful, then they’ll show you how dangerous alcohol and drug abuse is. In the absence of friends and family, you’ll find benefit from surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people who will guide you toward the right decision. There is no point in loathing yourself for another day. Learn more about detoxing from drugs and alcohol so you can prepare to walk down the road towards recovery.


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