E-Learning: A Perfect Guide to Small Business

E-learning has been proved a smooth solution to various issues which were presumed till now as unsolvable. People had potential enough to do a lot in their life and career, what lacked in them was a direction in which they could proceed. Institutions related to their passion such as acting, music, culinary, art and many more used to impose such a heavy tuition fee that being unable to pay such a huge amount, people used to kill their passion in their hearts and used to focus on just earning money anyhow. When e-learning or online education got induced, it brought a ray of hope among students or learners who had almost lost the hope to continue their passion of learning about the field related to their passion.

Need always calls for invention- this proverb has never been proved so true before today. When pandemic Covid-19 hit the nation, the careers of lots of people got devastated, lots of people lost their business. They had no money in pocket, no bread to feed their families and no future at all. In such a devastating situation people had to think of something new, something out of the box which could not only save them but also secure their future. Hence, people started to find out all the possible ways to survive and started to search for new fields where they could seek their survival and growth. Now people have started to seek help from technology. Humans are very creative who can search for opportunities in a disaster. Hence people started helping each other in all possible ways. There was only one medium which was running thoroughly and that was the electronic medium and everything was happening online. People were ordering medicines, food, books, things of daily use etc, online. This gave a sparkling idea to people to recreate their life once again and from this idea people made up their mind to start a new small business with low budget but high profit.

Now there always come 2 questions in such situation:

  • What is the goal or planning?
  • how will the training be received?

Now the answer to the first question is that the goal was to recreate a career once again that toot with low investment and good profit and can live a smooth life again. Now the answer to the second question was provided by E-learning. People started to search for small businesses according to their capacity and the foremost thing after deciding business was training. Because institutions were closed due to pandemic situations, people opted for e-learning to learn the courses and methods related to business they had opted for. How? Let’s see.

People opted for online trainers who used to teach small and big things about new and innovative businesses. For example, if someone was a teacher before and used to run classes of particular subjects via school or coaching classes but lost a lot of students due to pandemic, they started online teaching where they used to teach online the same study material but with new technological aids such as digital board, presentation slides, virtual classrooms. People who had good culinary skills started learning from famous chefs via online classes where they used to teach online, all the necessary skills and art regarding cooking. Through online teaching trainers were doing something mutual where the learner had full right to ask whatever he/she wanted to learn. Learners who wanted to learn music, arts, embroidery, nail art and various farming methods also such as strawberry, kiwi and mushroom farming. They all got full training and guidance over the online or e-learning process and most of the learners started their small business having been trained under all these training.

Although practical knowledge was not present there while people were learning online, they got ample amount of initial training and details regarding the business they wanted to start as a small start-up. This boosted the will power of people and now not to speak of urban people, even rural people are earning beyond the limits as compared to their simple jobs paying a few pennies earlier. Some people earned so much with their initiative that they became an example for others that just by thinking, any initiative cannot take the form of small business and then big business. It needs the aspirant to throw himself in it and leave no stone unturned in order to achieve his goal.


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