How To Prepare For The Return Of Live Events

As the last of the UK lockdown restrictions are now being lifted, this summer you’ll be welcoming attendees to live events once more.

With health and hygiene at the front of everyone’s minds now, making your event safe for everyone is important to keep live events going.

This is our guide on how to prepare for the return of live events this summer season.

Manage attendance numbers

Although you will want to open your doors to as many people as possible, it is important to manage your attendance numbers to keep people safe.

Lower attendee numbers will help you to ensure people have enough space to stay safe. Plus, it will help you when it comes to tracing any potential outbreaks.

Keep social distancing in mind

Although social distancing restrictions have been lifted, it is still advisable to encourage your event attendees to distance from each other.

Attendees should try to socially distance, where possible, and may even prefer to wear a mask in a crowded indoor setting.

Stay flexible to changes

As we have seen over the last year, things can change in an instant.

Whether it be restrictions or your event staff being ‘pinged’ by the NHS Covid App, you need to stay flexible and communicate changes to your attendees as quickly as possible.

Consider outdoor over indoor events

If you can move your event outdoors, it would be a good way to keep your event safe. Outdoor events are less likely to spread infection.

If you are planning to attend events this summer, you could stay safer by going to outdoor events instead.

Have a robust refund policy

You might need to offer refunds at a moment’s notice if restrictions and regulations change. Assess your finances to make sure you can accommodate this outgoing.

For attendees,before purchasing tickets, it’s important to ensure your finances are flexible enough to accommodate the potential for event plans to change. Additionally, make sure that you pay for tickets using a payment method suitable for higher value items.

Provide sanitising stations for attendees

Sanitising stations have become commonplace across most industries and venues now.

Whether you are hosting or attending an event, it is important the sanitising stations are available and that you use them, for the safety of you and the venue.

With any luck, this year should be a great year for live events. Keep your attendees safe while being prepared for changes and you’ll be hosting live events all summer.

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