The Importance of Video Marketing During the Pandemic Explained

Australia’s digital marketing is stronger than ever. Because of the pandemic brought by COVID-19, the demand for digital marketing strategies increased, particularly in video content creation. More companies hire Corporate Video Production Services in Australia to help them develop unique and interesting videos. 

Video attracts the target audience to discover a wide range of products and services, especially when people are restricted to drop by their favourite stores to shop and try out new offerings. If you and your company are still unconvinced about the power of video marketing in the time of the pandemic, here are several facts that you need to know. 

Why Video Marketing Thrives During the Pandemic 

A recent survey published by ClickZ revealed that 80% of consumers had increased their engagement with digital content since the pandemic started. The restrictions caused by the virus forced individuals to avoid face-to-face activities and spend a significant amount of time watching videos. 

The survey also revealed that 72% of today’s customers claimed that they would rather learn more details about a product or service by watching videos instead of reading about it. About 55% of the responders also revealed that they watch videos daily, while 78% watch new videos every week. The Visual Networking Index published by Cisco also revealed 82% of all online traffic would come from online videos by 2022. 

All these factors prove that video marketing may continue to thrive even after the pandemic is officially over. 

What Are the Perks of Video Marketing During the Pandemic

Using videos to promote a product or service comes with plenty of perks. It includes: 

#1: Videos Thrive On Social Media Platforms 

Around 48% of social media users claimed that they shared useful and informative video content with their network. It means digital marketers must know how to leverage the current market penetration of video content online to make a significant impact on social media. 

There are also growing opportunities for using video content. Some of the most prevalent venues to post video content online includes Facebook Live, Facebook Watch, Instagram Live, IGTV, TikTok, and Twitch. LinkedIn also launches a new update that allows video content sharing. 

#2: Videos Appeal To Mobile Users  

A 2018 study from Deloitte revealed that 89% of Australians own and use a smartphone. These individuals spend at least three hours a day on their devices for work, play, and communication with family and friends. These people will most likely watch videos using their smartphones all the time. 

Since people are more hooked on their smart devices, your company must take advantage of creating videos with trustworthy Corporate Video Production services in Australia. They can help you conceptualise, produce, and upload videos that can capture your target audiences’ attention. 

#3: Video Content Requires More Attention

Typically, online users spend at least 88% more time browsing a website that features video content. Despite the lockdowns caused by the pandemic, most people are still living a hectic lifestyle, and the demand for their time remains essential. 

If you want your target market to check out your brand and stay on your website longer, you must develop video content that appeals to visual and aural senses. It will keep them interested in browsing through your products.  

Producing video content can help businesses stay afloat, especially during the uncertain times caused by the pandemic. Just ensure that you will work with the right team with the best knowledge and skills in video content creation for the benefit of your business. 

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