Topic: How to Increase Digital Marketing ROI

Digital marketing campaigns can boost your return of investment greatly, but every industry is becoming more and more competitive through digital marketing. It’s important for you or your digital marketing agency to measure your ROI in order to assess the impact of your digital marketing strategies and see which areas you could improve in. Here we’ve put together some steps on how to increase your digital marketing ROI.


Define Your Goals


Before you can even think about how to increase ROI through digital marketing, you need to define your goals. Consider all the factors that could impact your goal reaching journey and set out your SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) goals. Using this strategy can help you reach your goals and measure your progress. It’s important to remember that your ROI will be different depending on the campaign you’re currently running. For example, the ROI for a content marketing campaign will be different to a PPC campaign.


Improve User Experience


User experience (or UX) can have a great impact on ROI. The first impression that your website gives users will determine whether they continue to browse through your site. Work with your web designer to incorporate attractive and attention-grabbing calls to action that allow users to navigate easily round your site. Make sure your is responsive due to the majority of users using mobile or tablet devices. Use images where relevant and also utilise white space for a professional and easy-on-the eye experience. All these small details on your site are sure to increase your ROI.


Create Content for Your Audience


It’s easy for your potential customers to be constantly bombarded with ads for the same product or service as you, so it’s important to stand out and create content that your audience wants. Once you’ve figured out your target audience, you can create content that relates to their wants and needs. Valuable content should be about solving a problem and engaging with your audience on a personal level. This could be through targeted emails, blog posts and even social media through targeted ads and influencer marketing. Regular surveys will also help understand your audiences needs. Try carrying out regular surveys and Q&As to grasp their needs.


Automate Everything


Using automated marketing tools increases the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and can perform regular tasks to reduce expenses. Automation tools can help perform repetitive tasks such as housing images and documents, creating and managing email lists, building dialogs with customers as well as many other functions. This can therefore increase customer satisfaction and you can spend the time that would be spent on these mundane tasks to something more useful to increase ROI.




Experimenting with marketing strategies and making the best experience possible for your audience is the best way in increasing your digital marketing ROI. Set out your SMART goals, make your site easy to use and navigate, and create time saving automations to keep your customers happy. You’ll then be on the fast track to improving your companies return of investment.

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