The Brief Guide That Makes Selling Beats Online Simple

Are you trying to catch your first big break as a producer in the music industry? You might be able to do it by selling beats online.

Back in the day, producers used to have to hope to get lucky when selling their beats. They needed to put themselves into a position that would allow them to let artists listen to their beats.

But these days, it’s much easier for them to sell their best beats online. You should take full advantage of this opportunity if you’re trying to make some noise as a producer.

Find out how to go about selling beats online below.

Begin by Making the Best Beats You Possibly Can

Selling beats online is going to be very challenging if you don’t have a bunch of dope beats in your back pocket. You need to get into a professional recording studio ASAP to put a collection of great beats together.

This recording studio is the best recording studio around. It would serve as the perfect place for you to start crafting the beats that you’re going to sell to artists.

Post Your Beats Online in Places Where People Will See Them

Once you have some beats all ready to go, you can start to post them online where people will see them. You should look for different places where you know your beats will get some attention.

Several good options will include:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Bottom line: You should post your beats wherever you can. The more that you’re able to post them, the higher the chances of someone stumbling upon them and wanting to buy them from you.

Use Social Media to Send Beats to Artists

As we alluded to earlier, it used to be almost impossible for no-name producers to link up with artists. But nowadays, it’s easy for almost anyone to get on an artist’s radar.

You can try to connect with the artists you want to work with through social media. You can do this by either trying to get to them directly or befriending their music manager online.

With a little luck, you should be able to, at the very least, get your beats in front of some artists. It’ll make selling beats online more of a reality for you.

Start Selling Beats Online Today

You’re probably not going to be able to begin selling beats online the second that you post them. It can take weeks, months, and sometimes even years to drum up interest in your beats when selling them online.

But you should continue to remind yourself that all it takes is for one of your beats to sell for you to put yourself on the map. After you make one sale, it should make you more of a hot commodity in the music industry. And it won’t be long before other artists will come knocking.

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