Indian Businesses Spamming Users On WhatsApp

Indian businesses, who are taking great steps of coming with new or revolutionary ideas every year, are spamming users on WhatsApp, which is something the brand has even seen before. WhatsApp has a great advantage of being a free application where the data of the user does hold the biggest advantage. However, the introduction of WhatsApp Business has changed things for the Meta and its biggest social media platform which has been growing and used by over 2 billion users.

The mega number is high despite the application has no base in China at all. India is the biggest market of the WhatsApp brand as the application has been used by over 500 million accounts. It shows how Indian WhatsApp creative touch or singh has made things creative in a tech crunch manner. They have made a statement that many spam messages are coming their way for which they have not even signed up.
It means that brands are using the platform without feeling the fact that it can create privacy issues to the people as if they have not subscribed to a brand, then they have no rights to send them promotional texts to the people. India WhatsApp Business platform is doung more bad or eusingh to users in a techcrunch way. It has indeed made the WhatsApp chat section of a user in India filled with half promotional texts and half texts of their family and friends.

The problem is not just stop their but people now using their personal accounts to send promotional massages which do make the burden even more for the users and some of the texts can be very harmful to the users.
Despite they do block these numbers, they do make a comeback from different numbers and do make the life of a common person very hard as sometimes it leads them to not see some of the crucial texts or files they should on time.
5 to 6 six years back, WhatsApp was famous for its privacy. However, things have changed a lot now. It has made the lives of many of the common people hard. And this does not stop here and some are using this tool make scams and make people pay a lot of money.
Sometimes, it is leading to a level where the bank account of many users have been done empty due to they are following some traps. This does tell how big of a problem it has been. As the nation is on WhatsApp, there is no way out for them as it seems as other applications are not safe to use at all. The cold war between India and China has put major issues in front of Indians who do not use these applications as they are accused of selling the data to those who can use it for bad reasons.

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Hence, it has shown that how good technologies have become a sign for tension for those who do want to live simple lives. But brands and other parties are using the data for bad reasons. WhatsApp has changed a lot after WhatsApp web or singh introduction in a techcrunch manner. And some of them do keep on sending the texts despite telling them to stop sending the texts.

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