Sushil Singh: An Eneterpener Worth Following

The best definition of an entrepreneur is who does have answers and solutions for most things. As we know, he did start his career as an entrepreneur in the summer of 2015 and has taken a deep dive into making money. Starting a company with six two eight people to over 1,000 people on the payroll in 2018 does tell a lot about SSR. He is not just a good man but a great personality. 

SSR Techvision is a famous platform in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. It is the firm that has made Sushil from a good earner to a great person in just one year. Hence, in 2018, he did purchase the whole building of five floors. Starting the company with five seats to be the owner of the building is a huge thing. Hence, people do respect him a lot. He opened SaiVa SysTem, SaiVa AcadEmy and Deecbo, with his wife Sarita Rawat Singh, and NGO Just Wish for helping several people who do see a light of hope with a help. It shows that how things do look better when there is a plan. 

Every single day, one can see him reading books and creating an impact. It does show how things can be great if a person starts to read for learning something new. Similarly, he does take care of her body very well. Hence, one can see his sharing pictures of him at a gym. Taking note from his Instagram account, it feels as Pawan Yadav is his trainer. 

He mostly eats healthy and does maintain fitness standards. Hence, there are over 60k followers and over 300 posts on his Instagram. Sushil just loves to do post videos on social media so it can help many people to shine and make a way to follow.

Sushil Singh feels that entrepreneurs should not forget the old-school versions of taking care of employees for their own good. Many people even say that a session with him is worth making things great.


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