Seven Fantabulous Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

Friends are our special and weird species that need no introduction! We all know what friendship means because of these humans. They are the ones with whom we have lived our stories. In this relationship called friendship , we share a commitment just by verbally saying and without formally committing or being linked with blood relations. It is the one that feels easy in the heart and stays with us out of sheer love and care. Such bonds aren’t ever forced but kept intact with pure intentions because we want these people in our lives to make them crazy, fun, and, above all, beautiful. To celebrate this beautiful bond, people celebrate Friendship Day across the globe with ultimate excitement and enthusiasm. It is a legitimate day when we can confess our love via gifts, messages, and visits to them. But the celebrations must not stop with this. So, here’s a hint at some fun ways to up the ante on your celebrations and make new memories with your favourite humans.

House Party

House parties are always fun. As the famous dialogue of the Indian comic Zakir Khan goes, “Maze jagah se thodi aate hain, maze to logo se aate hain.” A room full of your favorite people, your nonsense chitchat, music, dance, and fun. And of course, not to forget, the celebration calls for a delicious cake that the friends will fight for, obviously after cutting it. Online platforms like Bakingo provide you with the service of online cake delivery in Jaipur, Kanpur, Hyderabad, or whichever city you are in. So, go crazy with your kind of party on this friendship day and spend amazing quality time with your gang.

Get Lost in the Mountains

Getting lost in the mountains is synonymous with finding yourself. The cool winds chilling your soul with the mesmerizing sight of mountains and having your gang by your side, does not this sound as a perfect celebration of friendship day. And not just that, but it also gives you a much needed break from your tiring and busy lives and it lets you rejoice heartily with your group of people.

Reunion with Your Long-Lost Friends

This one is an absolutely interesting idea for celebrating the day. How about meeting not just your regular friends but also your long-lost friends whom you do not contact much anymore! Friends are friends anyway, and if you have that connection, time does not matter. Okay, so yes, it does matter, but only until you hit your friend with all the sweetest words and punches. You are going to enjoy their company and relive the memory lane of your friendship and adore it, with the promise of not being so far away again.

Bollywood Movie

Bollywood is a fantastically fun way to celebrate with any Indian family! Bollywood has a bunch of movies dedicated to this relationship of friendship. And what could be more amazing than binge-watching such movies with them by your side on this day. Also, do not forget to get your Cokes and popcorn too. Go through the wave of comedy, fun, and emotions with your best friends with some amazing Bollywood movies like Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi na Milegi Dobara, Chichore, and Sholay.

Hit the Beach

The beach is always a fun idea for a celebration where the waves of water will refresh your soul and wash out all your fatigue and fluster. The view that soothes the eyes also relieves the soul. And in the disguise of this celebration, you get to take a much-needed break from your monotonous life. And what better way to unwind than with those you consider to be your people. So, it is definitely a pleasing idea to celebrate the day.


Treks and that too, with best friends! Trekking with friends is described as “less walking, more talking, and just passing the hours into creating memories of a lifetime.”It will certainly give you an unmatched amount of fun, and you are going to miss it for days after you return. You will look at the photos and videos, wishing to relive the moments again. Trekking on normal vacation days with friends is a good idea, but trekking on friendship days with your best friends is a great one.

Day Out

If you can anyway not make it to vacation to mountains or to a beach or trek, you always have this option of having a day out with them. Any amount of time spent with them is nevertheless going to be fun. Plan a day trip to any nearby place like amusement parks, karting, gaming zones, food joints, or any place that matches your vibe. Have drinks and meals together, of course, with the chit chats that must never stop. Because it is with them that you speak your heart out.

So, get ready with a plan that suits you the best and let your celebrations make stories for a lifetime that will ignite a bright smile on your face every time you think of it.


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