Reason to Choose Temporary School Buildings

Although schools have traditionally used only permanent buildings, nowadays the use of temporary school buildings is becoming increasingly common. These structures can provide the space needed due to emergencies such as fires or special events where they can provide sports halls and accommodation. Also, schools may need to increase their student capacities or need extra space to meet directives from health authorities (for example, during the Covid-19 pandemic). The institutions require more or bigger classrooms, dormitories, dining areas, and other facilities to fully serve the students. Temporary buildings are the best solution in most of these situations because they are quick to install, cost-effective, and easy to customize, among other benefits.

Benefits of temporary school buildings

Here are some of the reasons for choosing relocatable buildings for schools:

Faster Installation

One of the most important reasons to opt for temporary school buildings is the short time within which they can be constructed and be ready for use. These structures are ideal whenever there is an urgent demand for space due to a sudden increase in student enrolment or in other situations such as hosting sports events or drama contests, etc. The non-permanent structures can be put up in a few weeks, fulfilling any urgent need for hostels, classrooms, dining halls, sports complexes, and so on.


Typically, most educational institutions are cash-strapped, and immediate space needs add extra financial pressure on them. The good news is that those in need can build temporary school buildings for a fraction of the budget needed to put up permanent structures. The materials required for the non-permanent installations are bought in bulk. They are pre-fabricated in the factory, so only a few technicians are needed to assemble them at the site. That way, the project owners save a lot on materials, labour, and even a lot of site preparation, for example, digging the foundation and constructing costly bases.

Additionally, these school buildings can be sourced from reliable suppliers with flexible terms because they can be purchased outright, hired, or even purchased after being hired for a period of time. The terms are friendly to buyers, minimising pressure on them. So, if your school needs a space solution, you can check out this site and get in touch with the leading temporary building supplier in the UK, with an impressive experience spanning over 30 years.

Safe and Meet Standards

All buildings, including non-permanent ones, must comply with local and national regulations. Temporary school buildings comply with all the relevant requirements, and institutions can be assured that the electrical, plumbing and other systems are safe and will serve them well. In addition, the manufacturers carry out inspections at every step to ensure that everything is done correctly, avoiding any need for replacement or repeat work, saving time and money.

In addition, when schools buy the structures from the best temporary building supplier, the company provides them with structural drawings and designs and all the relevant calculation packs. These make it easier to obtain approval because the project owners can present all the necessary data to local authorities.


Temporary school buildings have a long useful life span despite the ‘temporary’ tag, which may mislead many to question their durability. They are made to last up to 35 years, depending on the usage and the buyers’ specifications, say on material quality. When we compare these shelters with the conventional brick-and-mortar structures, they are a good value for money because they cost a fraction of the amount spent on traditional buildings.


Besides the above benefits of temporary school buildings, they are easily customizable, eco-friendly, relocatable and utilize almost any space available, including between permanent buildings. Besides, these structures offer great immediate space solutions for learning institutions without compromising on safety.

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