6 Different Types Of Vaping flavours You Can Try

Vaping or Vaporizers are on the rise globally. It is generally considered a healthier alternative to smoking, and vaping comes with its accessories. As more people took to vaping, there has also been a complementary rise in Vape shops. Vaping saw a 20% rise in Australians last year and is steadily increasing. The increase in vape shops reflects this increase. A vape shop in Brisbane stocks everything, from accessories to equipment, and juices, flavours and more; everything a ‘vaper’ would need.


A vape shop in Brisbane, Sydney or any part of Australia will stock the essential vaping or e-cigarette requirements: juices, vaporisers, vaporiser cleaning kits, vaporiser parts (for replacement), and DIY kits.

The following are a list of the most popular vaping juices in Australia, which have country-wide patronage and are generally palatable. First-time vapers can try them without apprehension.

Tobacco Flavour

As the name suggests, this juice mimics the feel of a cigarette. Several people switch to vaping as a starting step towards quitting their smoking habit. This flavour has no particular taste but does leave a nicotine aftertaste similar to smoking, which is probably why this is one of the most popular vaping flavours. 

The Berries Flavour

Berry flavoured vape juices leave a sweet after taste in the mouth, and several people take to this taste. Several berry flavours are ranging from blueberry to strawberry to blackcurrants, raspberries and even goji berries. There is also a multi-berry flavour, which leaves a sweet and fruity aftertaste in the mouth, though some might find it too sweet. First-time ‘vapers’ can opt for a berry flavour as a safe option.

The Fruit Flavours

Just like berries, vape juices also come in several fruit flavours. Mango, green apple and watermelon are quite popular in Australia, though people can also opt for exotic fruits like peaches, apricots, ice apples and more. Fruit flavours are also a safe bet for first time ‘vapers’ as they leave a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. Additionally, there is also a mixed fruit flavour, which tastes like jam, though every individual experience it uniquely. 

The Ice Cream Flavours

Vape juices generally mimic edible flavours as they tend to leave an aftertaste in the mouth. Including ice cream flavours is a no-brainer, as most people like some flavour of ice cream. Conventional vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, butterscotch, etc., are available. People can also experiment with exotic flavours like mint chocolate, white chocolate and such.

The Chill Mints

Menthol or mint flavours are also some of the most popular vape juices in Australia. Any vape shop in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or Adelaide will have stock of a range of mint flavours. They leave a chill feeling in the mouth like most mint bubblegums. The range includes spearmint, peppermint, pure menthol and such. People can opt for mint flavours if they don’t want any particular aftertaste in the mouth.

The DIY Vape Juice

Vape shops also sell DIY juice flavour kits for the more experimental crowd. This kit contains a base and a range of essences. The base is nicotine, and the essences are the different flavours. Depending on the size, the kit may include ten or more flavours or essences, and the individual can mix and match the flavours according to their creativity. The mixed essences, along with the nicotine base, make for a unique vape juice.

Vaping will continue to enjoy permanent patronage from different age groups in Australia. A study shows that there is an almost 18% increase in daily vapers. A vape shop in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney or anywhere in Australia continues to enjoy daily profits from this increase in ‘vapers’.

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