What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Psychology Degree in 2021?

Are you going to college soon? Or maybe you desire a career change? Either way, you might be carefully considering the subjects you can major in.

One hugely popular subject is psychology, with between 1.2 to 1.6 million undergraduates taking introductory classes every year! And what’s great is many end up becoming psychology majors; more specifically, a little over 6% of all college students.

Interested in hearing more about this career path? Here are the benefits you can get when you pursue a psychology degree in 2021.

You’ll Learn About What Drives Us

Have you always wondered what makes us tick, what sets us apart from other life on the planet? Then psychology can be a great major to choose!

Not only will you gain a better understanding of the people around you, but you’ll also get better insight into yourself. Even if you don’t go on to become an actual psychologist, you’ll have learned some valuable life skills to improve yourself and your relationships with others (not just romantic ones).

There Are Plenty of Career Choices

You can start out with a general psychology degree and get a job right after. But if you’re interested in learning more and choosing a specialty, you can do that too!

Some types of psychology include clinical, sports, forensic, health, social, clinical, and cognitive. You can use the time as a psychology student to determine if any of those are of interest to you.

Even if you stick with just a basic psychology degree, job opportunities at various places are ample. For example, you can work at schools, hospitals, or even the government.

Receive Good Pay

The fact is, a psychology major will pay off in the long run. So long as there are humans around, there will be a need for psychological services.

Not only does this mean there are plenty of jobs, but the pay will be good as well. In fact, psychologists earn a median salary of just over $72,500, which is double the median wage for practically all other careers!

Have a Rewarding Job

We’re not going to lie and say that being a psychologist is easy. But despite the work being challenging, it’s also very rewarding!

You’ll help people navigate through difficult times and subjects, and when you see what a difference you make in their lives, it’ll make everything worth it.

If you’re still asking, “is a psychology degree worth it,” then you might want to check out some other similar subjects that might suit you better.

Get Started on Your Psychology Degree Today

For those of you who see the value in getting a psychology degree, get started on pursuing this career today. Research your local colleges or even look into out-of-state universities if you can afford to move.

Once you enroll and start taking classes, you’ll thoroughly enjoy studying psychology and this new path in life!

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