How to Unclog Your Delta 8 THC Carts

If you own a Delta 8 THC Cart and find that the carts are not feeding properly, here is what you need to do. First, check the oil level in your cart. If it’s low or out of date, replace it with a new one. You should also make sure that the feeder tube isn’t clogged by removing the top plate and inspecting for any obstructions. Remove anything stuck inside the feeder tube before trying to reload the product into your machine again.

Why does my Delta 8 cart clog?

Delta 8 THC Carts clog when the product is old or low in oil. Make sure to keep your THC cartridges full of fresh and potent oils for best results. A few reasons that make your delta 8 thc carts clog:

Extreme temperatures: Delta-8 machines are designed to work at low temperatures. If you store your THC cartridges in high-temperature areas, the oil will be thin and lose potency for optimal vaporization.

Normal function: Delta-8 machines function at a low temperature, which means that the THC may crystalize after time if it is not used. Simply use your cart until vaporization stops, and you begin to see crystals in the oil. This will typically occur every few weeks or so for normal daily users of Delta-8 cartridges.

Other cannabis pens: If your weed pen comes into contact with other types of THC cartridges (i.e., those from other brands), it can cause cross-contamination and lead to clogged delta 8 vape carts. We recommend avoiding all cross-contamination by purchasing multiple weed pens for personal use only, as opposed to one cartridge per person like most companies require.

How do I unclog my Delta 8 Cartridge?

If there is any residue in the cartridge, you can try to use a syringe or toothpick to pull it out. Please do not attempt to unclog your delta 8 vape cartridges with anything sharp like needles because this could damage the inside of your pen and make it unusable. If pushing something through is unsuccessful at clearing clogs, there’s always another option:

To fix a Delta 8 Vape Cartridge that won’t load product into the chamber anymore, first remove all oil from around the heating element by gently tapping onto paper towels until no more oil comes out. Once completely emptied of oil, fill up new THC oils back up into their respective slots on either side of the metal plate. Place the top cover back on then vaporize before using again for best results.

How do I fix my delta 8 thc carts?

If you find yourself experiencing issues with your Delta-8 cartridge dispensing product properly, follow these steps first:

Check your oil level: Make sure there is enough oil inside the cartridge by checking under the metal top piece (the side without the Delta-8 sign). If it reads low or empty, simply fill it up with a new oil cartridge.

Check your feeder tube: The center feeder tube should have an opening to check inside of it. Make sure there is no residue clogging this area as well by blowing into it and checking for any obstruction that may prevent the product from dispensing through the unit’s heating element. Unclog delta 8 carts using toothpick, syringe & paper towels.

If you find yourself unable to unclog your Delta-8 pen after following these steps, try removing all oils completely before refilling with fresh THC cartridges. Once filled back up properly, make sure everything looks secure on top of the metal plate before reusing your vape pen.

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