Four Reasons why you should study Social Work

This generation has been blessed with a wealth of innovations. Contrary to our ancestors, we do not have to exert effort in performing small tasks. With that said, do you know that countless people still do not have access to basic life necessities? Though politicians play their part in eradicating these problems, social workers are also selflessly working hard to improve the world.

Social workers deal with macro-problems like abuse, poverty, addiction, and so on.Depending on the area of interest and expertise, they work in hospitals, community centers, schools, religious settings, etc., to give back to society. Apart from that, becoming a social worker also makes sure you enjoy a financially rewarding lifestyle.

However, if you are looking for more compelling reasons to study social work, go through the following list:


  1. You May Not Have to Payback the Student Loan

Social workers have the advantage of having some or all of their student loan debt forgiven. You can apply for the discharge of your remaining loan balance under the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007. Suppose you are employed full-time in public service (which encompasses both government and non-profit jobs), and you make regular payments on your loans. In that case, the remainder of your loan amount may be forgiven.


  1. You Will Learn Various Skills

You can learn various skills from experience and through further education. Getting a master’s level degree helps you gain knowledge and expertise to work as a social worker. Fortunately, online education allows you to study at your own pace along with your current job. Therefore, you can opt for masters in social work online, which prepares you for a career as a social worker. Like any other advanced degree, this program will strengthen core skills that could be equally helpful in any other profession. These skills primarily include communication, critical thinking, time management, empathy, cultural competence, and professional commitment.


  1. Flexible Career Options

Although you might assume that social workers work only in government-run social service agencies, this is far from reality. Social workers have a host of career options at their disposal. In other words, you will not have a hard time finding a suitable job in a setting that goes best with your interest as well as passion. To give you a better understanding, we are mentioning different types of social workers:

  • Forensic social workers: Forensic social workers utilize the established social work principles to solve legal and litigious issues, both civil and criminal. Typically, these social workers are involved in cases such as juvenile services and child custody.
  • Child welfare social workers: As the title signifies, these professionals help families resolve conflicts with their children. Their role is to help families create a safe, loving environment for their children. However, in exceptional cases, they also act as advocates for the children. Child welfare social workers play a critical role in protecting children from neglect or abuse at any level.
  • Medical social workers: They provide psychological and social support to patients with terminal or chronic illnesses. Medical social workers also assist patients in organizing support groups and frequently conducting home visits for recently discharged patients.
  • Community social workers: Community social workers work with community-based non-profit organizations to assist families and communities after natural disasters and tragedies. Besides, they also address local problems by contacting local politicians, applying for grants, etc. These professionals might also work in advocacy groups or aid organizations.
  • International social workers: They travel all over the globe to combat social injustices and violations of civil liberties. International social workers must have extensive training because they can work in many settings.


  1. Increasing Demand

The demand for social workers is marking an uptick due to multiple reasons. First, the population of the United States is getting significantly older. Only 5 percent of the country’s social workers are trained in gerontology. Experts suggest that if the number does not radically increase, serving older Americans will become a daunting challenge in the foreseeable future. Sohospitals will require more social workers to ensure proper care and follow-up.

Second, the US is changing demographically due to immigration. Statically speaking, roughly two million people will annually migrate from developing countries to developed nations in the next 35years. Half of these immigrates will come to the US. Gradually, thecurrent minorities will account for more than 50 percent of the US’s total population by 2050.

Again, it indicates that the demand for social workers is all set to grow, especially for men. The reason is, social work is largely dominated by females, with a staggering majority of 83 percent.Hence, many organizations are actively seeking male social workers. They are concerned that male clients may feel less comfortable talking to female social workers.



As you can see, studying social work comes with several perks tangible and intangible perks and privileges.Many people wish to make the world better but do not know where or how to get started. Well, if you are one of them, social work is for you.

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