4 of the Best Home Fragrances Everyone Will Love

No matter how tidy your home is, if your house smells, it can completely distract your guests! Unpleasant odors can also affect your mental and physical health.

Whether you’re trying to hide pet odors, a full garbage can, or the garlic you cooked with, your home will benefit from the power of fragrance. From lighting candles and wax melts to oil diffusers, you’ll have many options.

Not sure which of the best home fragrances you should try for your home? Continue reading for some of the types you can choose from, as well as their benefits.

  1. Citrus

If you’re looking for fun, fruity scents to boost your mood, look no further than citrus-based scents for your home. You’ll notice a lighter, happier feel to your home, helping you subsequently feel happier.

From lemon and orange to grapefruit and bergamot, these tangy scents will have you feeling sunny and bright. Though these are typically more summery scents, lighting a candle or diffusing a citrus oil will help boost your mood.

  1. Warm

When cold nights have you chilled to the bone, you can cozy up with the help of these warm scents. By choosing fragrances with notes of spice, wood, and amber, you’ll feel comfy at home.

Woody scents like those offered from Versace, can also add a hint of flirtation and romance to your home. If you’re making dinner for a date, a warm candle or spray can help add a touch of love to the air.

  1. Floral

One of the most common and best scents for your home, floral aromas can add a hint of maturity and richness to your space. If you’re someone who connects with nature, these scents can transport you into your own secret garden.

You can opt for more potent or softer floral scents. This will impact how full the fragrance is. Stronger options include roses, patchouli, and gardenias, while delicate aromas include more powdery flowers like violet and jasmine.

  1. Fresh

Finally, fresh scents can help your home feel light and airy. These options are perfect homes scents for houses with plenty of natural light, cotton or linen fabrics, and white color schemes.

The most common fresh aromas resemble clean laundry, but other popular options include sunscreen and water fragrances like rain or oceans. Like citrus aromas, these are some of the best scents to boost your mood.

The Best Home Fragrances You Can Try

Your home should be your happy place – ensure it stays that way by keeping it clutter-free and smelling great.

Remember, it’s essential to choose a scent that you like while also matching the ambiance of your home. Citrus aromas may not pair well in your old, gothic-inspired Victorian house.

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