Heardle 70s: Music Wordle Game

You’ve probably heard of Wordle if you’ve ever played games on your phone or iPad. The popular Heardle 70s music word game, which gives you six chances to correctly guess the five-letter word of the day, is compelling despite its seeming simplicity. The New York Times bought the game due to its enormous popularity, and you may still play it there for free on their website or app. After Wordle’s success, several games with comparable structures have appeared, including Wordle-inspired Worldle, Actorle (think Wordle but with actors), and even Sweardle (think Wordle, but with foul language).

Heardle, a modernized version of “Name That Tune,” in a Wordle-like format, is one of the newest and possibly the most fun Wordle offshoots. Heardle might become your new go-to game if you need a stress reliever but don’t enjoy word games. Here’s all you need to know about the musical guessing game and its fantastic advantages!

What is Heardle?

In 2022, at the height of Wordlemania, Heardle made its debut. It became so well-liked that Spotify bought it, but in 2023 the streaming juggernaut shut it down. Even though Heardle’s original version may no longer be playable, searching for the game returns numerous variations. (See the one we like most below.)

The gameplay is easy to understand in all iterations of Heardle 70s. You have six tries to correctly identify the song’s title and artist once a brief excerpt of the song’s entrance has played. The objective is to identify the track as few times as possible while hearing a little bit more of the song with each guess.

Heardle 70s

How are Heardle 70s songs played?

  • To begin the music, turn on your volume and press the play button. The song’s opening two seconds will then play.
  • The skip button advances you to the following turn while adding one additional second to the song.
  • Options for the song and artist will automatically appear as soon as you begin typing your guess.
  • for instance, the screenshot below shows what happens when you input the letter “A.”
  • As you begin to input the name and artist.
  • The menu will get more specific and an option will appear, allowing you to select what you want from it.
  • Congratulations if you correctly identify the song in six or fewer guesses! You excel at Heardle.
  • Better luck next time, or not. Every day, a brand-new Heardle 70s game is available to play.
  • When you complete your game, it notifies you of the time till a new game is available.

What genre of music does Heardle contain?

The initial Heardle tracks could only be streamed, which made the game more challenging for those of us who weren’t up to date with current music trends. There is now a Heardle song to suit every musical preference. The enjoyable games available on Heardle Decades all adhere to the same straightforward Heardle rules. There is a Heardle out there that fits your musical preferences, whether you enjoy new wave, hip-hop, or classic 1950s melodies. A personal fave of us? late 1970s. (Even though Heardle 70s doesn’t have an app version, you may still play on the internet on your phone or tablet.)

Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s answers for yesterday and previous weeks

Following are the answers Heardle 70s answers for yesterday and previous weeks: 

  • Genesis- Follow You Follow Me: 4 December
  • Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick: 3 December 
  • Andy Gibb – (Love Is) Thicker Than Water: 2 December 
  • Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue: 1 December
  • Three Dog Night – Black & White: 30 November 
  • The Real Thing – You to Me Are Everything: 29 November 
  • Main Ingredient – Everybody Plays the Fool:  28 November 
  • Marvin Hamlisch – The Entertainer:  27 November 
  • Marvin Hamlisch – The Entertainer:  26 November 
  • Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams – Too Much Too Little Too Late: 25 November 
  • Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams – Too Much Too Little Too Late: 24  November 
  • Bee Gees – Nights On Broadway: 23 November
  • Creedence Clearwater – Revival Up Around the Bend: 22 November
  • Helen Reddy – I am Woman: 21 November
  • Chicago – Saturday in the Park: 20 November
  • KC & The Sunshine Band – (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty: 19 November
  • David Cassidy – Cherish: 18 November
  • Blondie – Sunday Girl: 17 November
  • George Baker Selection – Morning Sky: 16 November
  • Minnie Riperton – Lovin’ You: 15 November
  • Boney M. – Ma Baker: 14 November
  • Jonathan Edwards – Sunshine: 13 November
  • Mud – Oh Boy: 10 November
  • Melanie Brand – New Key: 9 November
  • Melanie Brand – New Key: 8 November
  • Smokie – I’ll Meet You At Midnight: 7 November
  • The Sweet – Action: 6 November
  • Bonnie Tyler – It’s a Heartache: 2 November
  • The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again: 1 November

Advantages Of Music Simulation Games Like Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s and other music-based games aren’t only enjoyable diversion; study demonstrates they can also benefit our mental and physical health, particularly as we age.

Brings Down Stress Hormones

According to recent studies, nostalgic music can be especially upbeat. It showed that listening to music causes the body to release less cortisol, a stress hormone. The same report cited other studies that claimed music had negligible demonstrable effects on cortisol levels.

Boosts Mental Capacity

According To Japanese Researchers, Listening To Upbeat Music That Makes You Want To Dance, Like “Dancing Queen” By Abba, Improves Thinking In 3 Minutes. The Brain Is Activated When You Move In Time To Music With A Rhythmic Groove; This Enhances Your Working Memory (Essential For Multitasking), Attention, Planning, And Problem-Solving Abilities.

Improves Memory

According To A Recent University Of Georgia Study, Brief Periods Of Low To Moderate “Good” Stress, Such As Those Experienced While Playing A Game On A cell phone, Stimulate Brain Regions That Enhance Working Memory. Given How Games Make Us Use Our Memories And Concentration, They May Even Have Cognitive Benefits.

Enhances Hearing

Feel Free To Join In With The Music When You Correctly Guess It! Women’s Capacity To Hear Dialogue (Even In Noisy Environments) Increased By Up To 20% In Just 10 Weeks When They Sang Consistently Every Week. Singing, According To Canadian Researchers, Trains The Brain To Look For Musical Notes, Improving Your Hearing.

Heardle 70s

The New York Times Company’s acquisition

The New York Times business, The New York Times’ parent business, purchased Wordle from Wardle on January 31, 2022, for an “undisclosed price in the low-seven figures. Wardle claimed that the sudden attention he and his partner had received over the previous few months had made them feel uneasy. He also claimed that he did not feel like exerting the effort necessary to combat the Wordle clones that were emerging. It “felt incredibly complicated to me, really nasty,” according to Wardle, who added that being able to sell the Wordle rights made it simple “to walk away from all of that.

To reach 10 million digital subscribers by 2025, The Times planned to include the game in its mobile app among its crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee. The Times said that no modifications would be made to the game’s functionality and that it would initially remain free for both new and existing users. Fans voiced concern that the acquisition might eventually result in the game being locked behind a paywall. To reach 10 million digital subscribers by 2025, The Times planned to include the game in its mobile app among its crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee. The Times said that no modifications would be made to the game’s functionality and that it would initially remain free for both new and existing users. Fans voiced concern that the acquisition might eventually result in the game being locked behind a paywall.

Heardle 70s Changes and clones

At the beginning of 2022, Heardle 70s gained popularity quickly, and many copies of it soon followed. Some of these copies changed the recipe using fresh techniques. The adversarial Wordle variant Absurdle, developed by British programmer Qntm, maintains the integrity of the previously provided hints while changing the target word with each guess. Others replicate Wordle’s functionality while altering the words that players must guess. These clones include everything from guessing swear phrases in Sweardle to NFL players as in Weddle to translations into foreign languages. Wordle has also ported to a variety of older devices, including GameBoy Wordle for the Nintendo Game Boy, Wordle DS for the Nintendo 3DS, and a straightforward Nokia N-Gage adaptation.

Even if the gameplay of other games differed significantly from Wordle’s, they used the “-le” suffix to signify a relationship. These games include Semantle, in which players attempt to identify words based on their semantic similarity, Redactle, in which a Wikipedia article’s majority of text is hidden and must identified by the player by choosing which words to reveal, and Waffle, in which players must arrange letters into six different words in a five-by-five space. Some non-word games, including Worldle, in which players must recognize a nation or area by its silhouette, have also gained popularity as a result of the game. If the player guesses incorrectly, they are provided the direction and distance from the incorrect location to the correct answer in place of text-based hints.


Heardle 70s Might Be The One For You If You’re Seeking A New Game Or Simply Prefer Listening To Spelling. The Game Itself Can Be Surprisingly Difficult, Yet The Rules Are Simple Enough To Pick Up In A Matter Of Minutes. Not Yet Persuaded? The Advantages Of Gameplay And Music Present A Particularly Strong Argument In Favor Of Playing. So Why Are You Still Waiting? Give That Song A Name Now!

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