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About Heardle 00s

Heardle is an application in which a track is played and we have to guess that song and artist. We get a total of six guesses to make, and with each wrong guess, a track is played ahead to give some helpful hints to the users. Heardle is based on the concept of Wordle, but it is not focused on words; it is based on music, tracks, and artists. Heardle 00s represents the 1900s songs. It is the older version of this application.

There are further additions to this application, i.e., the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Each of the listed eras or decades keeps track of that era or song. Heardle is a game-based application where we have to identify the right artist or the correct name of the song. It includes the maximum tracks of the 1900s. is available on the Google Play Store, and one can easily play, enjoy, and have fun. It charges a data service of only 14MB and has a rating of 3 stars plus on the Play Store.

Heardle 00s

Information on Heardle 00s

An application that represents the era of the 1900s, an application that represents the voice of an artist, an application that represents the era of no auto-tune, an application that represents melody, an application that values music and tunes, Sur and Tal, And an application that is made for the music lover, for entertainers, for musicians, for fun, and more. Heardle 00s plays the tracks of only the 1900s era, and we all know that everyone of any era loves to hear old tracks and singers. People find peace, creativity, and real music in the traditional beats and works.

As we evaluated from human animals to human beings over the years, music has also evolved and will continue to evolve in the future. The taste of songs and music has made a drastic shift in the world of entertainment, media, and movies. The new generation wants new tracks to participate in or join on Heardle. Does have new tracks and music? No, the Heardle have no tracks of a new era, but Heardle has launched different eras of Heardle’s like the Heardle 50s, Heardle 60s, Heardle 70s, Heardle 80s, Heardle 90s, and Heardle 2000. So, anyone from any generation, having any taste of music or love for music, can easily download an application from the Google Play Store, sign in, and enjoy their choice.

How does Heardle’s 00s work?

To start Heardle, we first have to download it from the available sources. One of the available and trusted sources is the Google Play Store. After downloading, do the sign-in process, and then we have to go through some formal requests for an application, and after that, we can play and enjoy. In the Heardle 00s, it plays the track of the 1900s, which means it plays those songs that were popular in that era.

Heardle has different versions for different eras. It plays the track for a second and stops; in the meantime, we have to guess the right song or the artist of that song. Heardle also offers quiz rounds where MCQ-type questions are asked, and we have to make the right choice. Quizzes are completely based on music, artists, and albums. It includes songs from different languages, which makes it versatile and therefore able to reach more people. In the end, consumers are the ones who create revenue for Heardle.

Heardle 00s

Alternatives to Heardle 00s

Heardle 00s itself has various versions of it that cover different eras, and therefore it can be considered its USP. It is an application that was created to provide fun and entertainment to people. Heardle might face heavy competition from various gaming applications as entertainment has already gone beyond limits to bring fun into the lives of people. Apart from these, some of the major alternatives that provide similar musical fun to people in today’s world are Hummi, Cuedle, Warbly, Songle, Song Trivia, Song Pop, iMusicQuiz, Ganna Pehcahnna, and a few more. It might affect the stability of the Heardle in the market.

Why should anyone use Heardle 00s?

Heardle 00s is a fun and entertainment application that includes quizzes and guessing songs-related games. That contains all the songs from the era of the 1900s, which makes it more enjoyable for the generation that loves old tracks and music. Heardle is easily available and accessible; it doesn’t charge any costs for installation or enjoyment. That has more other versions, and therefore it covers a huge market area. Heardle was stable and competitive in the gaming and musical markets before July 2022. Spotify acquired Heardle Company in July 2022, which brought some changes to the working model of the application.

Is Heardle available on the Google Play Store?

Heardle 00s is available on the Google Play Store and charges a service fee of 14 MB for downloading and installation. It is no longer an independent firm, as it has acquired by Spotify. Spotify brings the music of the world to your fingertips.


This is a great platform to enjoy, entertain, learn, and explore the musical world. Heardle 00s and other versions of it are a strategy to attract more and more customers towards it. Heardle is rated 3+ on the Google Play Store and has gained the love and trust of millions of users. Unfortunately, it has been acquired by one of the most popular and downloaded musical databases, called ‘Spotify’.

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