Terraria Game Guide: 5 Best Fishing Poles You Should Use!

Old-school, action, adventure games have captured the hearts of gamers across the globe. For the past few years, people have been adventurous with different game worlds available in the market. Even if some are designed with a 90s game vibe, people still like it. Terraria is just one of the many adventure land games that are easy to navigate through. It will also allow you to explore hidden treasures and even acquire awesome tool upgrades.

Exploring the Terraria game world requires a lot of time and effort because of all the places you can visit. Talk about flying into space, walking through snow biomes, exploring the Jungle temple, or even taking a trip down to the underworld. There are also sorts of simple activities you can do along the way. If you drop by the forests or jungle, you can go Terraria Fishing. Of course, you will need the best equipment to get a catch. Make sure to stick around to know the best fishing poles you must collect in the game.

1.  The Mechanic’s Rod

The Terraria fishing Mechanic’s Rod is a red, gray, and white rod known as the fourth-strongest rods of the entire game. It has 35% fishing power and can only be purchased during a Waning crescent moon. The only way to find it is from the mechanic, as it says on the fishing pole’s name. Just make sure you have 20 Terraria coins, and you are good to buy this item. Moreover, you must have good timing skills because this fishing pole can’t be acquired during the solar eclipse.

2.  The Fisher of Souls Rod

The Fisher of Souls is a stunning purple and black fishing pole. You can use the iron or lead anvil to craft the fisher of souls.  Once formed, you can finally take advantage of its 20% functionality. Fascinatingly, the fisher of souls pole is also used in Minecraft, another famous adventure and construction game. Getting this rod also requires the luck of the sea enchantment. This fishing pole may have exquisite features, but it has no value when sold to someone. So think wisely and strategically so that it would not land in the wrong hands.

3.  The Fiberglass Fishing Pole

The forest-inspired fiberglass fishing pole is known to be one of the strongest fishing poles in the Terraria fishing game, ranking at number five with 30% fishing power. If you have an ivy chest and bramble crates, you can for sure have this strong and unique fishing pole. Every Terraria fishing pole requires bait, and the bobber fiberglass hook is the perfect match for this fishing pole. Patience is always a must in acquiring this pole because there is only a 2% percent of you to find it through the jungle shrines.

4.  The Fleshcatcher Fishing Pole

Prepare to grab your Crimtane bar and craft it the iron or lead anvil, to make the awesome fleshcatcher fishing pole. This maroon and the green-colored fishing pole are used to catch mostly bugs and fish. You can also use this pole along with the truffle worm to fish and fight the name boss. With its 22% fishing power, it is sold with three gold coins and twelve silver ones. You do not have to worry about collecting this fishing pole because it is common in adventure land.

5.  The Chum Caster Fishing Pole

The chum caster fishing pole is also one of the powerful ones in the whole Terraria fishing game. With its fire-like appearance and 25% fishing power, it can fish out enemies, the wandering eye fish, and the zombie merman during the blood moon. This fishing pole also has one of the highest velocities and can be sold for two gold coins. Its rarity status is set to green since it can be acquired in the hard mode. The chum caster pole can also capture fishes like the obsidi fish and the flarefin koi which are both found in lava.

Bonus Feature: The Hotline Fishing Hook

The hotline fishing hook is the perfect match for the chum caster fishing pole, because of its similar functions. Unlike the other fishing pole, this is a lot more challenging to acquire. Each player in a single game has 1 out of 75 chances of getting this. It takes a Hardmode game, plus 25 quests to gain ownership of it. This fishing hook can fish in lava, making this item a popular gain in the fishing game. Make sure to practice playing this game to get to the hard mode. So you can finally take the hotline fishing hook and other powerful rare items.

6.  The Golden Fishing Rod

The golden fishing rod is indeed last but not least. Because this fishing pole is the strongest out of all the fishing rods of the entire Terraria fishing game. You can only get this item from Angler himself, the character in charge of the fishing areas. When you complete a total of 75 quests, you can finally take ownership of this golden item. Its velocity is at 17 and can be sold with 20 gold coins, making it the most expensive fishing pole.

Key Takeaway

Fantasy and adventure games are the ones that everybody can try because it is the perfect platform to explore abilities and acquire skills that can’t be experienced in the real world.

Terraria is one of those games because It is gaming beginner-friendly. After all, all the guides are easy to follow, unlike other complicated adventure games. Nearly similar games like Minecraft make players build their world. While Terraria allows gamers to explore different established worlds, and focus on different activities like exploration and battle.

Terraria fishing is one of the easiest activities to start with, and it is indeed not your ordinary fishing activity. It will still motivate you to collect fishing rods that have game advantages. If you want to know more about the Terraria adventure land and all things gaming, visit CellularNews.com now!

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