Begin the New Year Off Relaxed with These Tips

The rush and bustle of the holiday season are over, and the winter days are now darker and shorter who couldn’t use a bit of a lift? January can be a tough month to get through compared to December, a month where work slows down, school pauses, and people have downtime.

Here are a few tips that may help you stay relaxed this January, so you can enjoy a mellow start to the New Year.

Medical Cannabis

For years, the negative stigma surrounding the usage of cannabis made doctors hesitant to authorize it for patients. More research is being conducted all the time, but the medical benefits of cannabis are wide-ranging and undeniable.

You need to consult a healthcare practitioner before taking medical cannabis, as they’ll fill out a medical document you can then submit to a licensed producer. The licensed producer’s cannabis-trained experts can then guide you towards the right cannabis cultivars, products, and dosage levels. 

Medical cannabis can help treat conditions from anxiety, sleep disorders, PTSD, gastrointestinal disorders, and more.

Read Literature

Opening your mind to someone else’s world can help you relax in this one. Perhaps try reading a highly regarded author you’ve always been meaning to knock off your list, like Nikolai Gogol or Leo Tolstoy. 

You might feel the need to read about the news of the day, in which case you can read reporting or longer-form journalism about the issues of the day. Reading helps people relax in the morning or at the end of a long day.

Take some time away from a screen. You’ll never see a pop-up ad when you read a novel, and we could probably all use a break from our phones.


Blowing off steam at the end of a long day is an excellent way to reset the body and feel good. Take on a level of work that’s right for you, no matter what the level of intensity.

Getting outside and going on a long walk can be a fun, rewarding low-intensity workout that’s good for the heart and soul. If you have the budget and space for indoor training equipment like an exercise bike, modern machines can be fun, impressive, and immersive with live classes that can motivate you to push yourself. 

Even if you’re just doing some daily stretches, it can be a meditative experience that’s good for the body, too.

Keep in Contact

You can’t make new old friends. If it’s been a while since you’ve reached out to someone, it may be a little awkward or uncomfortable, but do it anyway. 

New friends will be glad to hear from you, and the older ones will be even more surprised and pleased! Writing people letters or emails or calling them is a fantastic way to stay connected to other people, and you’ll feel more connected to yourself.

The winter can be a dark and cold period, but if you remember some of the above tips, it should help you feel good and relaxed before spring hits. 

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