6 Benefits of Working with RPO Recruiters

How can employers expedite their hiring process or deal with an unforeseen hike in hiring demand without making the process unbearably inconvenient? Resource Process Outsourcing can solve these problems and more.

It’s a hiring model that allows employers to redirect either a part of or the entire recruitment process to a third-party hiring service provider. The third-party provider works as part of the company, allowing for easier and faster filling of open positions.

Engaging an RPO provider allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Lesser time-to-fill

The term “time-to-fill” refers to the time between getting a job offer out and a candidate accepting that offer. Longer time-to-fill can mean higher costs-per-hire, greater workloads, negative candidate experience, and manager dissatisfaction.

Working with experienced RPO recruiters allows employers to fill positions faster and can reduce the overall time-to-fill by as much as 30%.

2. RPO agencies handle candidate screening

Candidate screening is among the most dreaded processes of hiring, even for experienced in-house recruitment teams. What makes RPO providers able to approach this process differently is that they have the experience and resources to do so.

Unlike in-house recruitment teams that will only be active when it’s required, RPO agencies eat, sleep, and breathe recruitment. Therefore, candidate screening is a task they undertake routinely as part of their operation.

3. Higher talent quality

This is actually among one of the top-liked benefits of working with RPO recruiters. Since these experts will have invested a lot of energy, time, and resources into various processes of recruitment such as sourcing and screening, they can easily target and attract top talent.

Besides, they have a wide talent pool to seek potential hires from, increasing the likelihood of finding highly-qualified candidates.

4. Reduced hiring costs

An in-house recruiting process can use up a lot of time, money, and human resource power. RPO services give you the ability to use only the resources that you need for your hiring needs, which can reduce the overall cost by a small amount.

With RPO, you will also build your employer brand and talent pipeline while reducing overall turnover. Combined with the ability to pay for only what you need, these cost-saving benefits can reduce overall hiring costs by up to 35%.

5. Better scalability when hiring

RPO providers offer better flexibility than other recruitment providers when scalability matters to a company. For example, if a company is opening a new branch or expanding in other ways, an RPO provider can provide the extra force required to fill the new positions faster.

On the other hand, they will stay aside and won’t continue charging their customers if their services are no longer required. More like utility bills but with an even better deal – you only pay for the services when you use them.

And even if you have custom hiring needs, RPO providers are happy to help you with that too, since they have the capacity and expertise.

6. Enhanced employer brand

Your employer brand can enhance or undermine your company’s overall reputation, considering that employees are typically keen to highlight any process that causes pain in a work environment. Hiring a candidate is one of these processes and can determine the nature of the relationship you have with your employees.

An RPO agency creates an enjoyable experience for the candidates during hiring boosting the likelihood of having a healthy relationship with your employees. And since you’re hiring top talent in the industry, that will boost your employer brand further and increase your attractiveness to other prime candidates.

On the whole,

Working with leading RPO agencies like Kinetix can make your business a better place to work and increase its overall success rates. 

So try hiring an RPO provider today and enjoy the difference that brings to the success of your business.

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